Chicago VC Firm Is Providing a Unique Means of Supporting Startups

The road to startup success is paved with failed attempts and business blunders. Founders and entrepreneurs are always struggling to acquire the many factors necessary to get a company off the ground and into the limelight. And while typical avenues have provide some startups with success, the landscape is changing, making it much more difficult to get the capital, the team, and the attention you need. Fortunately, one VC firm is mixing things up by providing a simple platform that will making launching startups easier than ever.

Prota Ventures, a VC firm based in Chicago, Seattle, and Jacksonville, has just launched Startup Rocket, a platform dedicated to turning the chaos of launching a startup into an easy to manage process. It provides an in-depth practical guide to solving all of the pre-launch problems that come your way. Startup Rocket will be unique in that it actually walks you through the process rather than just giving you tips. And that makes all the difference.

“While there are plenty of resources to be found on the Internet diving into what it takes to launch and grow a startup in principle, we have yet to find a comprehensive framework and guide that is practically helpful when it comes to idea-to-funding execution,” said Will Little, managing director of Prota Ventures in an interview with Tech.Co. “There are traditional business plans (and lean canvas/business-model canvas guides) to help with the ideation stages, but guidance through the nuances of actually building your business to the point of being attractive to investors is hard to find.”

This kind of service is direly needed in the startup world. As even the most experienced entrepreneurs know, the pre-launch stages of startup development are hectic hellscapes of forgotten documents, marketing snafus, manufacturing malfunctions, and employer miscommunications. Startup Rocket helps to organize the chaos into a comprehensive plan that will put everything in its place, so you don’t have to.

“Bringing an idea to life takes a small army, and even then, things slip through the cracks,” said Levina Li, founder of IDE Group and an early user of the Startup Rocket framework, in a press release.  “Startup Rocket keeps things focused and moving forward.  Their framework and community are invaluable resources for any new team or company.”

Not to be dramatic, but this could completely change the startup landscape. Millions of great ideas fall through the cracks because they had poor planning. Amateur entrepreneurs have good ideas too, but without a solid framework, they don’t have a prayer in making it passed the pre-launch stage. By providing a framework, Startup Rocket will make starting up easier than ever, which will make the world a better place for startups.

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