Clover Connects Helpful Apps with the Businesses That Need Them

There are so many talented app developers out there, plugging away, creating mobile apps that may never see the light of day. It could be the greatest app in the world, but if they don’t have a way to let people know that it exists (i.e. a marketing or sales team…whom they would likely have to pay), it could end up in app purgatory for ever. It’s a sad reality. Poor little apps.

Clover is a company that is trying to save these apps, particularly the ones that offer business solutions, and unite them with businesses that can benefit from them. They are a growing point-of-sale system that offers offer a large app market. In the app market you can find solutions for everything from authorizing tabs if you run a bar, to ordering rolls of paper…if you’re a business who happens to use rolls of paper for whatever reason (this one’s not for the tree hugging companies out there). There are also apps that sync with more common apps such as MailChimp or QuickBooks.

“The Clover App Market allows restaurants, retailers and service providers to customize their system to best meet their business needs. The App Market is filled with apps specifically designed to streamline back and front office operations, increase revenue and enhance customer engagement. With an Android-based platform and open APIs, the Clover App Market directly connects third party app developers to a large and growing number of retailers and restaurateurs.”

Small business owners, or anyone really, are able to look around the App Market and find solutions that best fit their needs. Some of these apps could completely change how they interact with their customers, how they track and organize inventory, or even what they are able to offer their customers. In addition to helping businesses be more efficient, they are also helping third party developers whose apps may never be seen otherwise. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Everyone wins. Everyone makes money.

Clover is a subsidiary of First Data, the global leader in payment technology and services, processing nearly 2,000 financial transactions per second. Clover’s primary product is a POS system for restaurants and bars called Clover Station.

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