Connect2Parents Lets Teachers Send Text Messages to Parents

Instead of relying on kids to transmit messages from their teachers – a spotty communication medium at best – Connect2Parents is helping teachers reach them directly.

Similar to GroupMe, the service allows teachers at daycare facilities, private schools, or camps to send broadcast text messages to parents. Parents can choose their language, so messages might be translated automatically from English to Spanish. For now, parents aren’t able to reply to the messages, and it costs 29 cents per student.

Connect2Parents was cofounded by three parents, Larry Gill, Roger Caruth, and Jeff Meade. They are based in Washington, DC, which has seen new charter schools spring up lately.

“We realized one of the selling points of charter schools is increased teacher/parent communication. Connect2Parents is a powerful tool for charter schools to achieve this selling point,” says Gill.

Below, Gill explains why he and his cofounders are devoted to bringing Connect2Parents to life.

Tech Cocktail: What was the inspiration behind Connect2Parents? 

Larry Gill: We got tired of finding paper notes about missed events in the bottom of our kids’ backpacks. With Connect2Parents, we’re solving a real problem faced by many parents. We wanted our kids’ school to communicate with us the same way we communicate with everyone else.

Tech Cocktail: Describe a challenge for Connect2Parents. 

Gill: Deciding to devote the hours necessary to bring Connect2Parents to fruition was a huge decision for us. Every hour working on Connect2Parents means time not spent with our wives and young children. But there’s something bigger we want to pass on to our kids and that’s being passionate about something, anything. We want to teach our kids that life is about pursuing your passions.

Connect2Parents was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail DCWEEK mixer.

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