Creating an Ecommerce App Is Easy with ShopApp

For small businesses, creating a native ecommerce app is almost unthinkable, both from the technical and economical point of views. For starters, it requires getting one (or more) mobile developer to create the app, a process that is hard and tedious by itself.

Then, considering that the app is successfully created and launched for the public to get, the app still requires constant updates in order to maintain and improve the app, as well as keeping it in sync with the ecommerce solution. All this results in a significant loss of time and expense – things that any business wants to avoid entirely.

Recently, Ecwid launched ShopApp, a tool that gives small retailers the possibility to offer their clients an automated ecommerce app, similarly to the way Ecwid first led the democratization of ecommerce software for SMBs back in 2009. With ShopApp, merchants can create their own branded mobile app with ease and without huge additional costs, like would happen traditionally.

Some retailers fail to see the importance of ecommerce mobile apps, a mistake that can prove to be costly, as studies clearly show. According to Internet Retailer, 42 percent of all mobile sales generated by the leading 500 retailers came from mobile apps while, by 2017, it is expected for more than 2 billion consumers to complete a mobile commerce transaction, says Juniper Research.

This is a clear indication of how mobile ecommerce is important for businesses, especially the smaller ones, and that is exactly what Ecwid has done. By making ShopApp available on their ecommerce platform, business can now access all the needed tools to create a mobile commerce app that will be effective, work on iOS and Android devices, and even allows users to checkout with Apple Pay or Android Pay, among other features.

Jim O’Hara, President of Ecwid, commented the introduction of ShopApp on the service’s platform:

“With ShopApp, Ecwid is making a huge leap in how native ecommerce mobile apps are created and operate for smaller retailers globally. Similar to how the dramatic innovation in web development introduced by DIY sitebuilders like Wix, WordPress and Weebly democratized website creation, Ecwid now allows our merchants to create their own ecommerce apps instantly.”

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