Customer Engagement App ‘Handbook’ Launched in the US

Today’s market competition is, in spite of the respective niche, absolutely ferocious. With an ever growing number of competitors in all fields and niches, it is more important than ever for businesses and entrepreneurs to have the best possible ways and tools to engage and communicate with their customers.

There is a good amount of these tools available at the moment, but there are not many doing what Handbook can do. It has been in Europe for a while, but is now being launched in the US. Developed by Infoteria Corporation, Handbook is actually more of a suite than an app, and aims to become the to-go toolset in terms of customer engagement.

Handbook is available for free from the three main mobile app stores (iOS, Android and Windows), but requires users to sign up for an account on its website. It consists of two parts: Handbook Studio and Handbook Viewer. The first one is a browser based application where users can upload and manage their own content. Thereafter, Handbook Viewer is used to display and present content to potential clients.

In truth, this is where Handbook is set apart from its competitors, like SharePad or ShowPad. These services are more focused on the production of content, while Handbook turns itself to content presentation, which is especially useful in a selling-focused environment. Handbook Viewer is actually very intuitive and easy to use, with a clean and simple that makes it suitable for all kinds of users.

The service also offers some very interesting features, like PDF annotation support for animated and dynamic HTML5 content; support for Microsoft Office, iWork, images, videos and files, the creation of surveys and quizzes, with built-in questionnaire function, the ability to share content with limited amounts of users, based on groups, content kind and time-based access, and more.

With such functionalities, Handbook is a great solution for companies and salesmen to pitch their content to potential clients in a very unique and distinct fashion. With the use of mobile phones or tables, they can produce more engaging and effective presentations, allowing for the clients to see that same presentations on their own devices, whether they are online or offline.

Another very interesting functionality built in Handbook is Analytics, which allows businesses to have an improved understanding on potential issues with their strategies and try to better deal with them. This is yet another positive point for this service that, while not being free, is surely helpful for all kinds of businesses and salesmen to engage with their customers in a more closed and controlled environment, making it perfect to boost sales and help businesses to thrive and prosper.

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