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There is no shortage of customer service complaints in the world of retail and air travel. As two of the most contentious industries when it comes to keeping their customers happy, representatives have horror stories that would make your stand on end. But in a world of modernized technology and artificial intelligence, why are we still subjecting human beings to angry customers and fuming representatives? One company is hoping to make this necessary yet infuriating business sector easier than ever before.

Service, the popular customer service startup that has made the arduous process a thousand times easier, is now making the excruciating task even easier by introducing a new feature to their app, Protect. This feature will allow customers to instantly submit complaints for retail and air travel businesses with the click of a button. It will finally allow customers to really dig into what is bothering them without putting them on the phone with someone whose feelings they will likely hurt.

With help from machine learning, the app now provides some of the most comprehensive features ever used in a customer service app. Not only does it allow for fast submissions and seamless interface, the addition of the Protect feature has made complaining even easier.

When you connect it to your email, it searches through all your receipts and itineraries, giving you a comprehensive list of where you’ve been and what you did there. This will give you a better idea of what your experience was like and how they can remedy any issues you encountered. It even suggests complaints when the app notices you are enduring delays and cancellations on your flights. It’s like it wants you to submit a customer service query. How great is that?!

There are, however, human experts that keep everything running smoothly. So while the only problem with the customer service model is the fact that someone has to endure a bevy of unhappy customers and buyers, Service Protect will help to curb the amount of yelling that happens over the phone or through text. And hopefully one day, no one will have to experience the onslaught of insults customer service reps have experienced over the years.

Photo: Flickr / CWCS Managed Hosting

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