Dodocase SMARTvr: VR Handset That Fits in a Pocket

Virtual reality is under the spotlight these days, with most major tech companies diving deep into its development. The future of this technology is bright, with multiple devices and associated technologies being created every single day, even for something as workaday as our smartphones.

Google Cardboard was probably one of the first devices to relate smartphones and virtual reality – it basically turns any modern smartphone into a virtual reality handset. One of the best things about it is its price, making it a true affordable VR solution for everyone.

However, due to its size and construction, Google Cardboard is not example the most practical item to transport around. With this in mind, the premium iPad case company Dodocase has just launched its own VR handset, the SMARTvr. Other than being built with strong and resistant materials, this device is really portable and excellent for mobility.


Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, with a campaign that is going very well (over 60 percent of the initial $25,000 goal already reached, with a month to go), SMARTvr pocket VR handset has the power to transform any iOS or Android smartphone into a virtual reality viewer.

With this device, people can experience media, like sports highlights, live concerts, video games and others, like never before. SMARTvr is even certified by Google, something that clearly marks the quality and reliability of this device.

SMARTvr works with any virtual reality app from the hundreds available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. In order to use it, one just needs to open one of those apps and unfold the SMARTvr viewer, flip the the immersive lens cover and hold the device in front of the eyes, just like if it was a pair of glasses. Looking through the lenses, it is possible to peer around in something that simulates a new 360-degree location.


Built with plastic and metal, SMARTvr is way more durable than Google Cardboard. It can be folded to a size small enough to fit a pocket, as shown in the image above.

Dodocase is most definitely not a stranger in the virtual reality niche, as it was one of the first companies to produce headsets compatible with Google Cardboard, and it also sells disposable Cardboard headsets.

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