8 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Logo

After creating a business plan, startups should create a logo that they can put on any document or piece of marketing they produce. The logo is a way to tell the world who you are. When you see a giant M with golden arches, you know that you are coming to a McDonald’s restaurant. When you see that logo in print, you immediately think of hamburgers. That is what your logo should say about you. To ensure you get the most from your logo design, you should avoid making these mistakes.

Designed by Amateur

If you are startup business, you want to look professional. While most business owners will spend money on office equipment and business coaching, they often believe they can do the branding and marketing themselves. Therefore, the logo looks like it is done by a novice. Amateurs rely heavily on trends and don’t take into account what the look or brand of the company should be to the public.

Relies on Trends

The problem with trends is they change. Fads go out of style, so why use them. You want a logo that is time-tested and lasting. You want people to remember it. Make it simple and classic.

Uses Raster Images

You want to use a vector graphic, which is line art that can be stretched to any size and can’t become blurry. It is not reliant on pixels. Raster graphics are reliant on pixels and resolution. Whoever you hire should know the difference between the two.

Contains Stock Images

Besides being not unique, you also might not have the rights to use the image as you plan. Stock images also are boring because you see them everywhere. Pull up three dental websites and you will see the same people photos on all of them.

Designing for the Boss

Your company’s logo should show what your company is and does. It should not reflect personal preferences of a single person, such as picture of the chief’s dog. It’s easy for personal opinions to influence logo creation, but personal opinions don’t always translate to the timelessness needed to ensure the longevity of your logo.

It’s Too Complex

You want something that people will remember. Logos that combine several pictures and tag lines will get lost and not be remembered. Think the golden arches. They are simple and have stood the test of time. Although McDonald’s has tweaked it throughout the years, it has kept the logo pretty much the same.

Uses Poor Fonts

Pick fonts that do not detract from your brand. These are some of the worst ones to use: Ecofont, Souvenir, Gill Sans Light Shadowed, Brush Script, Papyrus, Neuland Inline, Ransom Note and Arial. Any pro designer stays as far away from these fonts at possible. They are hard to read, ugly and cliché. If it takes effort to read a font, you don’t want to use it. People shouldn’t have to work to understand what they are seeing.

Yours Looks Like Others

This is the biggest mistake of logo design. Because you are able to grab whatever graphics you want off the web, you are in danger of doing just that. The trend for copying is becoming more common. The point of a logo is to represent your company. Logos that are unoriginal do not get noticed. Going for the same feel as another logo is something you can tell a designer, but copying is never a good idea.

To test the simplicity and memorability of your logo, put it on a piece of 8 ½ by 11 paper. Show it to someone who was not planning the design of the logo. Take the paper away after two seconds. If the person remembers it, your design is sound. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

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