4 Email Marketing Tools You Never Knew About

The world of email marketing is a fickle one.  It’s an area that every business person knows they should take advantage of, but so many tools and tactics are required in order to make it truly effective. So where do you even start?

It’s wise to begin with email marketing mistakes you should avoid. For example, you’ll get in a lot of trouble if you don’t ask permission to send emails to someone. In addition, poor list segmentation is a quick way to hinder the effectiveness of your list.

However, improve your specific email marketing efforts is just as important as avoiding downfalls. The internet is filled with advice, so exploring some email marketing tools and tricks you never knew about will help a lot. These are the tools and tactics that generally pass under the radar, yet they are essential in beating out the competition and maintaining a healthy email list.

Below you’ll find some of the email marketing options to turn your business into something special, at least when it comes to your emails.

Litmus Scope

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Let’s say you stumble upon an email that begs to be shared with your followers. If that’s the case, it’s not exactly practical to forward it along to an email list of thousands of people.

Therefore, the Litmus Scope tool provides a way to quickly transform any email in your inbox to a web-based version. You can then share the link with anyone you want or even host a link to it on your website. This is also handy if you recently sent an email of your own content and would like to post it online.


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An effective way to improve your email marketing is to see what your competitors are doing. So, why not spy on them a bit? The MailChart program takes a look at how your competitors are utilizing their email marketing tools, so you can replicate it or try to make your campaigns even better.

The tool provides tracking capabilities, and you can plan your own marketing campaigns based on the results you find. Its great for setting up a solid email marketing strategy, content inspiration, running A/B tests and more.


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This is a readability test tool for checking to see how easy people can go through your email content and understand what you’re trying to say. With the internet, people are only interested in well formatted content, so they can scan and absorb the information quickly.

Simply input the text of your email and run the test to see how well users are going to be able to consume your information.

Campaign Cog

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Email analytics are generally not that great, but with a program like Campaign Cog you can view detailed analytics for your transactional and marketing campaigns. View behavioral data on your subscribers to make wise decisions in the future, and check in on subscriber engagement based on geolocation, activity and social media usage. You also receive a heat-map for seeing where people are most likely to click around in your emails.

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