For Enterprises, Mobile Is the Key Strategy for 2016

As you scroll through page after page on the Internet, the entrepreneur is banking on all the data that you leave behind. Usage statistics, browsing habits, interests, likes, social activities, shopping patterns and whatnot – all this data is crucial for the enterprise of today to grow and connect with the informed customers. In order for enterprises to succeed in 2016, they must focus on a mobile-first strategy.

According to a research study, more than 85 percent of the US population has access to a smartphone. That means more than 276 million people out of a total 325 million have means of accessing the Internet. In the UK, around 76 percent of adults have a smartphone, meaning more than 48.5 million people can access the Internet on-the-go. A study also reported that as much as 3.2 billion people now form the worldwide Internet community. Those 3.2 billion people bring billions of possibilities along and that is what the enterprise will bank on. Not only are customers more dependent on their connected devices than ever, they are also fully embracing the digital world.

Mobile: Effective, Economic, and Efficient

A mobile-led strategy is the only way to win today. If you need more engagement that translates in more satisfied customers, you need a mobile-first strategy for everything. Modern-day applications can help with infrastructure, platforms, and even application outsourcing. Everything can be done on mobile phones, from sending emails to conducting conference meetings and analyzing data.

Mobile phones are more productive – with access to calls, apps and texts just a click away. They are far more economic, with a powerful device costing only a fraction of a flagship notebook available in the market. Smartphones are also effective, combining the power of design and user experience to only give us what we need, when we need it.

Even Google had to embrace the growing effects of mobile in its search policies. More customers are now asking questions than just putting in keywords, and that changes the entire landscape of search. The Google Play Store is also now the world’s largest app store, with more than 1.6 million apps available for the 82.8 percent of all mobile devices across the globe that are powered by Android OS.

While mobile phone blogs are informing the end-user relating to their carrier choices, contracts and the apps available in the market, they are also making it easier for the business community to target the right audience. An informed end-user knows exactly what he/she is looking for. If you have an application for your product/services, chances are you will have seen multiplied revenues this year, with more than £9.2 billion in-app purchases being made just this year alone. Last year, the figures were almost as half, standing at £5.1 billion. If you don’t now is the time to bank on in-app revenues and product marketing opportunities.

Crunching Down the Numbers: Dependency on Mobile

World’s leading research organization Deloitte UK recently reported that 91 percent of people have checked their phones within 3 hours at the end of a typical day. 1 in 10 people commuting on public transport said that they are almost always using their smartphones while traveling.

Video is losing its share too. More people now have access to 4G/LTE connectivity (approximately 25 percent in the UK). In 2013, only 7 percent did. Video watching apps fell from the first spot all the way down to eighth with communications and email apps landing at the top.

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