Entrepreneur Coaching: It’s Not Just for Athletes!

We think of coaching as something that’s mostly used by companies having a crisis, or for employees in transition, but there comes a point for many entrepreneurs where you may  need some outside input in getting to the next stage of your growth. A good coach can be the key to take your business and your team to the next level. Heather Wilde, Unicorn Whisperer/CTO, at ROCeteer knows the power of coaching for startups, and led participants at Celebrate 2015 through a workshop in entrepreneur coaching.

Teams are driven by people, and entrepreneur coaches are experts at “coaching the human,” says Wilde.  These days business coaches aren’t just hired when it’s time to usher bad apples out the door. Wilde states that of  a study of businesses that hire coaches:

  • 48%  stated that they hired a coach to facilitate transition of a company.
  • 26% hired a coach to act as a sounding board.
  • 12% hired a coach to address derailing behavior  in the workplace.

Sometimes, when entrepreneurs get stuck in particular way of thinking, coaches can help to re-frame the situation. But not any coach will do, she says. ‘The process of finding a business  coach can be similar to the process of a VC evaluating a startup. What’s the ‘secret sauce’ that makes them better than the rest?”

Wilde says that a good coach should be able to tell you their coaching methodology and specific outcomes from your interaction.  if not, “show them the door.”

If you can’t afford a coach, there are a couple of exercises you can do today to start the process. When it comes to leveling up your business, it’s important for entrepreneurs  to consider a few things:

  • What’s your company’s end goals? Think of where you want to be.
  • What is your plan for your company? Who do you want to be? Think of what do you want people to say about you in the future. Then work backwards.
  • Who is your customer? Think about specifically who your customer is, where they live, work and play. Find where they are and communicate with them.
  • What is your desired company culture? This is important. “If you pick the desired culture for your company when you start, then you will be a stronger brand,” Wilde said.

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Keidra Chaney is a writer that focuses on technology, music, and culture and was previously a managing editor of Tech.Co.
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