6 Entrepreneurs Share Their Good Luck Rituals

In a 2014 survey of entrepreneurs, they ranked luck as the least important factor in their success, behind talent, experience, education, and hard work.

So what role does luck play in entrepreneurship? Some people prefer to say that the harder you work, the luckier you are – you need luck, but you can maximize your chances of getting lucky by putting in the effort. Taking the time to become an expert in your field makes you ripe for an “aha” moment of insight; going out to networking events regularly means you might just meet the perfect cofounder.

Even if entrepreneurs don’t believe in luck directly, that doesn’t stop them from having good luck rituals. We know from the realm of celebrities that good luck rituals run from strange to stranger – Colin Farrell reportedly wears the same shamrock boxers for the first shoot of every movie, while Heidi Klum carries around a bag of her baby teeth for luck. Cate Blanchett supposedly keeps her Lord of the Rings elf ears on her mantle for luck, while Brad Pitt’s shark tooth necklace is supposed to protect him from danger.

Last December, we shared New Year’s Eve traditions for prosperity from around the globe. Today, we bring you the fun and funny good luck rituals of a few entrepreneurs:

You lucky dog

“Before launching a new campaign or app, we all rub our office dog Nico on the belly for good luck.”

– Michael Riley, cofounder of Boxter

good luck rituals

Channel Michael Jordon

“We have an in-office basketball hoop that people will often hit before a big call or meeting. Shoot until you swish a basket…your upcoming appointment is bound to be a slam dunk after this ritual!”

– Dusty Wunderlich, CEO of Bristlecone Holdings

good luck rituals

Secret handshake

“We have a pretty funny Good Luck Fist Bump/Hand Shake/Dance Ritual we do before any kind of pitch or competition….It always makes us laugh once we’ve ended the thing off with a ’70s kind of spin-around dance move and then we’re fueled to ‘KILL IT!'”

Cheekd good luck ritual

– Lori Cheek, founder and CEO of Cheekd

Is that seafoam green?

My rituals includes wearing a green tie to all meetings and events – basically anything that involves growing my business. The green tie is a constant reminder of what I am trying to accomplish for that day. All too often we forget or let opportunities pass us by; with my green tie, I am simply reminding myself of the end game. And not to mention that green stands for all the finer things in life: health, the environment, passion, and of course wealth.”

good luck ritual

– Herby Fabius, founder of billionsuccess.com

Channel your inner Oprah

“I printed out a collage of motivational and inspirational quotes and it’s the first thing I read every morning to get me in a ‘let’s do this’ attitude.”

– Rachel Maxwell, CEO of Maxwell Biometrics

good luck rituals inspiration

A modern rabbit’s foot

“My cofounder and I each have little trinkets that we carry with us!”

– Jacob Perler, CEO of Snaapiq

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