My First Tinder Party: Tinder is the Lifestyle Brand for Millennials

Imagine jumping into a pool where people have come for the sole purpose of mingling. Everyone there is wading in the market, within your age range and the ice is broken with a swipe of the finger. This is Tinder, and everyone’s diving in. Now imagine a private summer party in LA to kick off Tinder Plus applications.

These are the ways that Tinder has created a lifestyle brand for Millennials.

1. They’re bringing sexy back… into tech.

When you hear the word tech, the first things that come to mind are nerds, computers, and coding. Lately nothing in tech comes across as cool or hip. However, Tinder has spent the past couple of years establishing more than just an app, but a tech company with a modern day lifestyle approach to it. When tech companies have launch parties, it usually consists of an unlimited amount of pizza, beer, and a countdown stop clock. The Tinder party I had a chance to experience last week in Santa Monica was the complete opposite. From a boarding pass ticket to hop onto a customized Tinder private jet, a red carpet headed toward an open bar with unlimited Ciroc, to finally a huge stage and a 1,000 person dance floor, this was no ordinary startup party.

2. Influencer marketing is allowing for sky-rocket growth

Tinder is no exception to the typical “all the cool kids are doing it” buzz. When they first started, they made it a call to an action plan to have all of the top social Fraternities & Sororities throughout the country downloading the app. Within a year, Tinder was thriving on all of the big university campuses.

To promote their new service, Tinder Plus, they’ve strategically taken advantage of being a big fish on Silicon Beach – which allows them to utilize the largest hub of entertainment in the world. It was impressive to see top influencers from Instagram and Vine, several YouTube sensations, and A-listers like French Montana and Jason Derulo who all made appearances at the Tinder Plus launch party, adding to the hype.

3. They help the ‘connected’ connect

In a world that is head-down in their smartphones constantly, Tinder brings a better way to meet people IRL (in real life). On many social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, we’re only connected with those we know. But there’s nothing social about stalking people’s profiles or reading news feed. We need a platform to meet new people. Try adding a stranger on Facebook, and see how awkward it is – then send them a message to really crank the awkward up. Meeting and interacting with new people is the old-school social, and it is making a comeback. Tinder is connecting the connected and is allowing for real relationships to blossom, IRL.

Meeting new people has never been so easy. At the touch of your hand lies a social scene 24 hours a day that’s forever growing in membership. As Tinder continues to grow, so can your network. As Millennials, that’s an experience that our parents never had but we do thanks to technology.

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Written by:
Eghosa Aihie is a entrepreneur, writer, and motivational speaker. He is the co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Alumnify Inc.
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