3 Free Mobile Tools For Scaling Your Small Business

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, businesses have no choice but to adapt their marketing strategy to the current trends. In the past, consumers shopped online at their desks. Today, the ease and comfort of mobile devices encourages users to shop on the go. But small businesses are finding it hard to compete with giant corporations that can afford to be in constant contact with their customers. Here are some helpful tools to help small businesses market their products in an otherwise intimidating mobile world.

Stay On Top of Social: Wannabiz

In today’s internet age, the first thing consumers do is whip out their iPhones and research a new brand on Facebook or Twitter. Creating varying social profiles is not only good for brand awareness but also great for maximizing your revenue streams. But with dozens of social platforms to keep track of (don’t forget about Instagram and Pinterest!), small businesses might feel overwhelmed.

Wannabiz offers a free mobile app that helps the average small business owner manage all their marketing channels. This way, small businesses can easily keep track of new customers engaging and interacting on their social channels. We also often forget that social platforms can be an excellent source of new revenue, provided that your posts are engaging and relevant. Wannabiz helps even more by offering a library of contextual content for you to post on your social platforms, guaranteeing you attract the right consumers.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Whatsapp

Before the digital revolution, work days ended when the night manager locked up. But with instant access to all the best brands at our fingertips, businesses would be remiss not to take advantage of real-time customer service. Companies with enough capital usually hire a team of service reps to man their live chat, reply to hundreds of email responses, and return dozens of calls an hour. But without the resources and manpower to back these services, small businesses might feel financially trapped. The popular chat app Whatsapp can be used as a live customer service channel for small businesses. It’s an innovative (and free!) way to maintain real-time communication with consumers.

Invoice, Please: Invoice by Waves

Along with instant communication, small businesses need to be ready for instant sales. Now more than ever, consumers have the ability to shop wherever they are–on their commute to work in the morning, in the waiting room at their doctor’s office, on the bleachers at their son’s baseball games–you get the point. In short, setting up invoices for your mobile site is super important. Invoice by Waves is a free professional mobile invoicing app that creates invoices, accepts credit cards, and tracks when invoices are viewed, paid, or overdue. It’s an effortless way to open your online store to a new class of consumers.

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