5 Free Tools to Help Startups Launch Their Website Fast

A massive part of your business strategy is the creation of a website. Unfortunately, web development requires business owners to shell out money. However, not launching a website for your business now means wasting the opportunity to showcase your products and services to your online audience. You can decide to hold off on creating a website until you have the funds, but when that time comes, it may be too late.

To rock out an awesome business website without touching a penny from your wallet, you ought to consider using these free website tools and establish an online presence as early as today.


Free Website Builder Create a Free Website WIX.com

There are so many website builders to choose because of their drag-and-drop interface, allowing non-designers a hand on building an excellent site. That, and because website builders are free. Just register for an account and you are ready to go.

Wix is one of those easy-to-use website builders that allow you to create a website for your business on the go. The tool takes away the guesswork that most web developers need to fine-tune on their sites. Just choose from pre-designed templates and a plethora of high-definition images for your content to create your beautiful site.

Wix also automatically optimizes your site for mobile view and allows you to tweak your on-page SEO so your audience can find your site on Google.


SumoMe The Best Website Traffic Tools

Want to make social sharing easier on your web pages? How about collecting emails of your audience so you can convert them into customers later on? What if you can track which elements on your site get clicked on the most?

All these questions can be answered by SumoMe, a tool dedicated to helping your website build insane amounts of traffic.

One of its best features is the ability to create dynamic email sign-up forms that appear at strategic locations on your web pages. You can choose the design and appearance that you want to show on your site to get more people to subscribe to your site for updates. Even if you are not yet ready to do email marketing, building an email list will pay big dividends once your site catches traction with your audience.

You can place social media buttons on your web pages to make easier for visitors share your compelling sales pages or awesome blog posts. This helps other people to find your site, thus creating a domino effect to your website traffic!

Privacy Policy Generator

Privacy Policy Generator

If part of your online marketing strategy is to collect user information from visitors, then you need to gain their confidence first so they can reach out to your regarding your business. You need to put their concerns to rest by creating a privacy policy page.

By using the Privacy Policy Generator from GoSpace, you promise visitors that you will not share or sell all information that they will provide on your site. Best of all, you can generate a copy of your privacy policy in less than two minutes. Just fill out the blanks with the necessary information and you can use the created policy on your website for free.


Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva

Visual content has gained traction over the years. Because processing information or getting the attention of your audience from images is easier and more convenient for users, it is high time that you create unique visual content to your site.

Canva is a tool tailor-made for business owners such as yourself. Since your focus is to get your business website out in the open, you would want a quick tool with an easy learning curve, so you do not have to learn design.

The tool’s drag-and-drag content builders bridge the gap that exists between non-designers and between beautiful graphic design. Canva lets you choose from different colors, shapes, and text to be included in your image. You can also pick from various preset image size and text layout, so you quickly create and get visual content on your site.

Website Grader

Website Grader

Creating your business website is just the beginning. Developing your website is a continuous process – you will need to iron out the kinks that you were not able to see while creating your site. While these things may not be evident to your at the moment, you will become more aware of factors like SEO, site speed, mobile readiness, and others that determine the success of your website over time.

Before that time comes, you need to become aware of them as early as now. Hubspot’s Website Grader is a free tool that lets you grade your website performance based on different criteria. By observing the best practices of creating a website, you can net a high score, which means that your site is optimized for viewing and conversion. A low score means that you still have to smoothen the rough edges of your site.

While the tool sells you to Hubspot’s Website Platform, the Website Grader nonetheless provides a great overview of the essential things you need to learn when moving forward with your site.

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