Freelance Network, Toptal, Launches Productivity App TopTracker

Toptal, the company behind one of the largest online freelance communities, has launched a new time tracking app for freelancers and managers. While Toptal asserts that their freelancers are the best of the best and do not require time tracking software, the new TopTracker app is available to any and everyone, not just Toptal customers.

TopTracker is available for Windows, OS X, and is coming to Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems. The application is completely free, and one would assume Toptal is using it as a way to drive new customers to their services. That being said, TopTracker is a robust app with all the features one would expect to find in employee tracking software.

toptracker devices

During the creation of TopTracker, Toptal’s main goal was to offer non-intrusive time tracking for freelancers. The application allows for simple timekeeping and additional features like screenshots and webcam shots. Freelancers who are looking to use the app to identify areas of improvement, while showing clients screen grabs of their time working, can even enable privacy features like blurred screenshots. All of this is set up prior to starting your timekeeping session in order to not interfere with your work session, it really is a “set it and forget it” application.

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For managers, TopTracker allows for a centralized view of all projects and team members. Managers can track productivity thanks to simple graphs and key information available at the push of a button. These detailed productivity reports can be used to find areas of improvements to help your team stay on task and accomplish goals in a more timely manner.

TopTracker is an obvious attempt to draw in new freelancers and companies to Toptal, but that doesn’t make the application any less impressive. With a large number of features and a completely free price tag, TopTracker is a great tool for those looking for a way to track time and better understand their productivity and areas of improvement.

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