Global Entrepreneurship Week Will Inspire You to Launch Your Business

Inspiration can be pretty hard to come by in entrepreneurship. Sure, there are accelerators to support you, VCs to fund you, and enough startup founders in the world to make it seem like a real possibility. But without a supportive community to build you up, getting inspired to actually launch a business of your own can be decidedly difficult. Fortunately, Global Entrepreneurship Week kicks off in a few days, so inspiration will be aplenty for aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

As a celebration of the worldwide entrepreneurial ecosystem, Global Entrepreneurship Week, seeks to “bring ideas to life, drive economic growth, and expand human welfare” through thousands of events countries around the world.

“These activities, from large-scale competitions and events to intimate networking gatherings, connect participants to potential collaborators, mentors and even investors – introducing them to new possibilities and exciting opportunities,” reads their website.

Now, when I say thousands of events, I am far from posturing. Global Entrepreneurship Week hosts upwards of 35,000 events to spur innovation in 170 countries, showcasing nearly 20,000 speakers, including Michael Dell, Muhammad Yunus, and Richard Branson. Additionally, world leaders and elected officials often show their support by speaking at local events, developing a positive relationship between entrepreneurs and the local community as a whole.

In 2016, the Startup Activity Index rose to 0.48, it’s highest score since 1996. Additionally, small businesses (classified as a company with less than 500 employees), make up 99.9 percent of all US business, and adults aged 55 years and older make up the bulk of rising entrepreneurs, a 72 percent increase in the last 20 years.

So remember, you can do it! Global Entrepreneurship Week is designed to inspire you to get out there and make a change in the business world. And with this kind of support, how can you say no?

Global Entrepreneurship Week is held from November 13th to November 19th. If you’re interested in attending event, check out their website at to find an event near you.

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