10 Green Startups to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day comes around once a year. And while this day is meant to be a 24-hour celebration of the many ways people protect the environment, a lot of startups spend the entire year being green. With these green startups innovating technology – doing everything from providing green energy to developing green produce, there is no telling what these companies will accomplish in coming years.

Check out this list of green startups below and feel free to comment with a green startup of your own:

  • Elevate Structure – This Hawaiian-based real-estate development company builds portable, eco-friendly spaces for people to live. These spaces are elevated above the ground to reduce the effect on the ground. Photo: ElevateStructure.com. (See image).
  • Tespack – Based out of Helsinki, Finald, this startup specializes in wearable energy and mobile data. You can purchase products green backpacks and solar panels, making solar energy more accessible to everyone.
  • Choose Energy – This company is based out of Texas and aims to make energy efficient power my available to everyday people. They offer information on plan terms, energy options and natural gas rates.
  • Tado – Based out of Munich, Germany, this company aims to reduce the overall effect on the environment by producing smart thermostat technology that waste as little energy as possible.
  • Qwiksense – Based out of Amersterdam, this startup provides actionable data to help improve the work environment by saving energy in the office. They aim to increase productivity in the work place while reducing the use of energy.
  • Freight Farms – This Boston-based startup turns old shipping containers into self-contained farms. Users can grow fresh produce through the use of LED lights and hydroponics.
  • MowGreen.US – Launched out of Connecticut, this startup provides quiet, gas-free lawn care services. They also offer green ways to aerate your lawn and clean up clippings.
  • Impossible Foods Inc. – This startup, based out of Redwood City, California, offers sustainable vegetarian produce through a complex molecular process that selects proteins and nutrients in green foods to create imitation foods.
  • Greentech- This Peruvian startup aims to tackle rising emissions of noxious gas from cars. They have developed an additive through the use of nanotechnology. It is applied to car fuel, generating a greener combustion.
  • Solarkiosk – This startup, based out of Berlin, Germany, provides solar-powered hubs in rural communities across the world. By 2014, they had established six subsidiaries in different countries throughout Africa and Asia.

Check Out These Companies On Their Websites Below

QwikSense: Data Analytics for Smart and Healthy Buildings

Impossible Food Inc.: Sustainable Veggies Through Molecular Process

GreenTech: Low Emissions From Cars Thanks to Additive

Choose Energy: Affordable Green Services for Everyday People

Tespack: Solar Panels on Anything

MowGreen.US: Quiet, Gas-Free Lawn Services

Tado: Smart Thermostats

Solarkiosk: Bringing Solar Energy to Rural Areas

FreightFarms: Old Shipping Containers Turned Manageable Gardens

Elevate Structure: Elevated Homes for Energy Conservation

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