The Highest Funded Startups in Every State

Success in the startup world is calculated in a number of different ways. Whether it’s popularity, downloads, or positive reviews, budding companies are always trying to show the world that they’re at the top of their field. However, when it comes down to it, industry experts, startup founders, innovative entrepreneurs know that only one metric is viable when it comes to measuring the success of your startup: funding.

Whether you’re a VC or an everyday consumer, money speaks volumes. And when it comes to funding startups, everyone knows that the more people willing to invest means the more valuable the company. Fortunately, CB Insights understands how important this metric is, which is why they’ve cultivated a list of the highest funded startups in each state in the US. Take a look at the map below to get a more visually pleasing perspective on these statistics.

A few interesting statistics came out of the data from CB Insights. For one, Uber continues to be the highest funded startup in the country with $12.5 billion in funding to date. Including Uber, there are nine unicorns on the list: Uber (CA), Datto (CT), Magic Leap (FL), GreenSky (GA), Avant (IL), DraftKings (MA), Infor (NY), Domo (UT), and Vox Media (Washington, D.C.). Perhaps the most interesting fact from this study is that so many influential companies reside outside of the coasts.

“The tech boom has diffused beyond the traditional hotbeds in California, New York, and Massachusetts, across the the entire United States,” wrote the authors of the study. “Other states are home to well-funded and well-known startups.”

While the map of the highest funded startups in each state is modern and visually pleasing, reading it can be hard for anyone that doesn’t want to tilt their head to the side (I’m looking at you, Illinois). Fortunately, they also provided a tradition, easy to read list that will give you all the information you need to know, particularly how Alaska and Hawaii are doing.

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