Parents, Incentivize Your Children’s Household Chores with HighScore House

What's the worst part about making your bed in the morning?  That's easy: it's not fun.  As an adult, you've come to grips with the fact that not all tasks can be done for the sake of recreation.  Kids, however, have a harder time accepting this premise.  That's why HighScore House is making household chores fun.

As the next wave of online gaming, HighScore House allows parents to turn daily tasks into a game by assigning point values.  Accrue enough points, and your child earns a reward.  Simple as that.

What makes HighScore House stand out, however, is their fun and interactive layout.  Instead of inputting your tasks and rewards into some stodgy web-form, the UI makes it fun by turning chores into “challenges” (thumbs up!) and places the rewards box directly underneath to serve as a constant reminder why “challenges” are fun.  My son, Fakely, has yet to lift a finger (see: below).

This fun, chore-management service aims to instill kids with a strong work ethic.  By completing these daily, weekly, or monthly challenges, the task-doer has a clear understanding of what they are working toward, which, as most parents know, works better than “because I said so.

There is value in HighScore House for the time-constrained parent beyond the simple conditioning of incentivizing their children's chores.  By outlining what chores to do and when they're expected to get done, HighScore House automates the process of reminding the young-uns to take out the trash, do their homework, or feed the cat.

HighScore House is a free service that will soon be adding premium features.  The site doesn't indicate what these will be, but the option to purchase rewards directly through the website is a logical guess.

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