HomeSuite, the Airbnb for Traditional Renting

People do almost everything online. It is convenient, easy and, most of the time, cheaper; which are more than enough reasons to justify why people opt to do things on the Internet. House renting, for example, is something that has very much moved to the web.

Realtors may be getting worried, but the reality is that people are preferring to take care of these deals online. Services like Airbnb are perfect to rent houses for a few days, but it is not designed for traditional residential leases. And classifieds may not be that safe. All this leads to the necessity of a service like HomeSuite.

HomeSuite is a technology-enabled monthly furnished rental broker. They make the difficult process of renting houses easy by combining the best a broker has to offer with the best of technology. On it, users can browse all information about our rentals on their website, then inquire with their agents to get personal service and complete booking.

This service protects users against the hassle of deals with spam and scams, providing guarantee for every booking that goes through the platform. HomeSuite removes much of the market friction, making it possible to arrange shorter rentals, which can be much needed nowadays.

For example: with the monthly rental arranged by HomeSuite, someone thinking to move from one place to another can rent a house in the destination for one or two months in a “trial run”, before committing to the move. This would be impossible in the traditional renting market which, most often, only allows for long-term contracts. Seeking corporate housing through HomeSuite would be much more dependable than trying to find stable inventory on Airbnb as well.

While HomeSuite is similar to Zillow, it actually has some key differences. Anyone can register on Zillow, where there is no user curation or control; so it could often be landlords who are answering inquiries, adding a challenge or a delay to response time. Zillow also has no part in the booking process, which means that each home would have a different screening and contract process.

At the moment, HomeSuite is offered only in Bay Area, as a testing location. However, it is expected that the service will expand soon to other locations, as the service grows in clients and offers.

Are you looking forward to use this service? Let us know in the comments.


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