How to Disable Facebook Video Autoplay on Both Desktop and Mobile

Facebook recently updated its features and introduced a new video autoplay option for users. With this new feature, videos and video ads on your Facebook page will be automatically played while you are browsing your newsfeed. When autoplay was first introduced, there was no settings option. If you were not interested in watching video, you just had to scroll down the page.

Though the new feature is beneficial for Facebook’s ad clients, many Facebook users have found this autoplay update distracting. Users with limited data plans were troubled for different reasons. The automatic video streaming can use a high amount of data, which means users need to upgrade to a higher data plan to use Facebook. The only relief is that the video autoplay doesn’t have sound. If you want to watch any specific video, you can just click or tap on it.

Thankfully, Facebook has provided a recent update to disable autoplay. You need to configure this setting separately on every device you use. The following steps will help you in disabling Facebook video autoplay on your desktop and mobile.

1. On Desktop

It’s easy to disable autoplay on a desktop. First, log into Facebook and click the arrow icon in the upper right corner side of the screen:


Click on it and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.


Settings will display a variety of options. Click on the Videos option at the very bottom of the list.


Then it will display a simple on/off button. You just have to select Off to disable autoplaying.


2. On Mobile

On Android. Open the Facebook app on your Android phone. Click on the three-lined icon in the upper right corner of the app (the context menu). From the list, click the Settings option.


In Settings, you can see the option “Auto-play on Wi-Fi only.” Slide the button and turn it on.


This option means that the autoplay feature is off when you are connected with a data network, but it will be autoplayed when you are connected to wifi.

On iOS. Open the main settings on your iOS phone, and tap on the Facebook option from the list and click Settings.

Facebook video autoplay



From the Settings, you can choose to autoplay on wifi only, or turn it off completely.

Facebook video autoplay 2 


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