Improve Sales Team Performance with TeamVisibility

For many companies, the art of sales may seem mysterious and unteachable. But TeamVisibility is building software that helps managers monitor and improve their sales teams – whether that’s two people or hundreds.

TeamVisibility monitors sales calls, including screenshots and audio, and lets sales managers review them. This way, managers can provide better feedback – positive and negative.

Below, CEO Josh Freeman explains the vision for TeamVisibility and what stands in their way.

Tech Cocktail: What was the inspiration behind TeamVisibility?

Josh Freeman: TeamVisibility was founded by a group of sales and technology veterans who were frustrated by the tools we had available to help improve our teams' performance on an ongoing, sustainable basis. These are the tools we always wanted to have, so we built them for ourselves. I really enjoy two things: (i) the team of people I am working with, and (ii) the real excitement we hear in our customers' reactions when we show them the tool.

Tech Cocktail: Who is your greatest competitor? 

Freeman: Our greatest competitor is culture and inertia. … It is technically incredibly easy to deploy, but it does require a culture that values performance improvement and that makes performance improvement part of their everyday cadence — or else has a willingness to change their culture to emphasize performance improvement — otherwise, it will just be a tool that sits on the shelf.

Tech Cocktail: Describe a challenging moment for TeamVisibility.

Freeman: We have had to continually learn from and evolve our sales process, assessing how best to sell — transactional or consultative, web- and phone-based or face to face. As we have amassed data points about our customer interactions, we have continued to grow and change as a company to find the model that is right for us and for our product.

TeamVisibility was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail DCWEEK mixer.

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