Inateck MercuryBox Brings Loud, Durable Sound Anywhere You Want

Summer is a time to enjoy the great outdoors. But without music, it can be difficult to enjoy anything but awkward silences and mosquito bites. Fortunately, there is no shortage of portable, Bluetooth speakers on the market that can help you bring your music with you. But if you are looking to get a speaker that is loud, durable, stylish, and easy-to-use, the Inateck MercuryBox will go a long way in helping you make those family barbecues a little less unpleasant.

The MercuryBox can stand the test of a good time while still playing an unmatched mix of new electronica and old classic rock. I tested it out during a three-day camping trip to Illinois Beach State Park in northern Illinois and it impressed more than just the family camped out adjacent to us.


Features and Specs

The speaker quality of the MercuryBox was bountiful yet contained. At its highest volume, it proved to be a bit more than you can handle sitting next to it, a feature sought-after in most portable speakers. The appropriate volume level yielded full, all-around sound that didn’t miss a beat, a drum roll, or a bass solo. However, pleasantly enough, the sound didn’t echo throughout the campsite. While we played music well into the night, no complaints were volleyed our way. We tested out the technology, and when you were a safe distance from the device, you weren’t burdened by excess noise and incoherent singing.

In addition to the sound quality, the MercuryBox lasted the entire trip without a charge. If I was to make a generous estimate, I would say we used it for at least 9 hours. Apparently, the MercuryBox can function without a charge for 15 hours, which, trust me, is a hugely large amount of time. The range of the speakers was again more impressive than expected, reaching approximately 30 feet before quality suffered and about 50 feet when sound cut out completely.

While sound quality, range, and battery life are key in a portable speaker, the game-changer for the Inateck’s Bluetooth speaker is the fact that it is waterproof. Despite my apprehensions, I did throw the speaker into the lake and, yes, it kept working without the slightest hint of sound loss. I didn’t try to listen to “Under The Sea” while I was underwater, but a brief dip in Lake Michigan did nothing but make the inside of my pocket a little damp.

Design and Functionality

When I first opened the box, I was shocked at how small the MercuryBox was. With almost the exact same dimensions as an ice cream sandwich, it could easily fit in my hand like an over-sized cellphone of the 80’s. The protective rubber buttons and the durable aluminum casing didn’t give it the feel of a “rugged speaker” so common in portable bluetooth products. While it stood the test of nature, it still felt like I had an Apple product sitting in my pocket. Yes, it sat in my pocket for nearly the entire camping trip as it was neither more cumbersome than my phone nor more intrusive than my wallet.

As far as connecting to the Bluetooth goes, MercuryBox was as simple to set up as any product out there. And with fast pairing and voice activation, you won’t have to burden yourself with touching the buttons very often, although don’t miss out because they are quite comfortable.

Pros and Cons

  • Stylish design makes it cool to bring anywhere;
  • Durable enough to throw into a lake; and
  • Longer battery life than anyone could possibly need.
  • Vibrates a bit much; and
  • Probably doesn’t fit in smaller pockets.

Recommended to Buy

This product is a must-buy for anyone planning an outdoor trip. It’s small size, durable body, and stylish exterior makes it one of the most functional portable speakers I have ever owned. In addition, the sound quality is impressive but not intrusive, making it the perfect small get-together product for anything from a party to a barbecue. We give Inateck’s MercuryBox 4.8 out of 5.

Where to buy: Amazon

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