Mobile Apps Change the Way We Access Our Insurance

Mobile technology and apps have already changed the world so much in the past decade. Now, they’re changing the way we access our insurance. With some top insurance apps from the major providers, you can enjoy greater ease and better service from your insurance plan.

Liberty Mutual’s Home Gallery® App

We’ve discussed things to do with renters insurance, but this Home Gallery takes cataloging your belongings to a whole new level—for both renters and homeowners. By downloading the app onto your phone, you can take photos of all of your belongings and organize them by category. This way, if you suffer a fire or break in, you’ll be able to receive faster reimbursement from your claim rep and you won’t have to worry about forgetting certain possessions. You can even add detailed information like the purchase price and purchase date and export the entire inventory to PDF for backup.

GEICO Mobile App

Access all of your ID cards, talk with the company’s automated system, request roadside assistance, and more with the award-winning GEICO Mobile App. The app also has a nifty feature called Swipe Pay—which allows you to pay your bill in a few easy steps. Plus, you can manage your policy, request quotes, and update your account all from whatever smart device you like best.

Progressive App

Similar to the GEICO app, the Progressive App allows you to store your ID cards for easy access when you need them, get in touch with an agent or claims representative, handle payments, request roadside assistance, and much more. Just download this handy app to access your policy and receive assistance right from your smartphone.

State Farm’s MoveTools™

Moving is a huge hassle. From protecting valuables to organizing boxes to remembering what you put where, there is a lot to manage. That’s why State Farm has an app that allows you to virtually pack your home before your move. Download the app to access moving checklists, catalogue what you have by box and by room (without ever having to look in an actual box), make packing labels, and more. You’ll feel right at home with this super convenient moving app.

MetLife Infinity App

This is another award-winning app that focuses on making your life better. Serving as a place to store photos, videos, documents, and much more, you can look at it like an incredibly organized diary of your life events that you can access easily—from anywhere. If you’d like to catalogue special moments, upload your data to this app and take a walk down memory lane with just a few clicks.

Allstate’s GoodRide®

This free app is available for all—even if you’re not an Allstate customer. Created for motorcyclists, you can track your miles and routes and share them with friends. If you’ve ever hear of MapMyRun, it’s kind of like that. The main differentiators are that it can store all of your garage maintenance info so you know exactly when you’re due for a repair and give you a weather report so you know whether or not it’s safe to hit the road before you even set foot outside. It can also help call roadside assistance for you if you get into trouble.


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