6 Interactive Tools for Marketers and Designers

Designing has never been easier. Gone are the days when you would require a proper education to design products, logos or websites. Not to undermine the value of such an education, but nowadays you can find a number of brilliant and easy to use software that can guide you on how you can make your designs come to life. Here are some of the tools you can use for your designing needs.

ProtoSketch — $9.99

ProtoSketch is a graphic-design software only for the iPad. It is included with supercharged vector tools, fonts, UI elements, icons, etc. It is easy to learn and it enables you to create any design and print it. Because it is only available on the iPad, it is probably the best software tool that can be used anywhere. This tool is very smart in the way it provides shortcuts for basic functions. By using ALT and shift + action combinations, you can activate a lot of different behaviors like adding or removing items and other functions that can save you a lot of time.

Vectr — Free

Packed with an intuitive, easy to use interface, Vectr is a simple and straightforward design software. Vectr is easy to use and only focuses on the things that matter. Vectr has state of the art graphics that are crisp and blur-free. You can make presentations, cards, logos, website mockups, brochures, and any other 2D graphic with the help of Vectr.

It does have a premium version, but the free version has a lot of the services you will require. Furthermore, once you download Vectr on your desktop, all your work will be saved to it regardless of which source you use. Another amazing feature Vectr provides real time sharing. It can allow you to share your work live with another person through any device.

Reaconverter — Free

Reaconverter is a versatile and powerful design tool that you can use to optimize images. It is a handy product because it can quickly convert images to any format you want. Another feature that Reaconverter provides is that it can convert files into CAD images, other than JPG, TIF, PNG, as well. You can convert one image at a time or process them in batches.

UXPin — $19.00

UXPin is possibly one of the most popular UX design and wire-framing tools around. It is used by thousands of designers and there is a good reason why they do. It makes wire-framing look like an easy process and it provides  people with the confidence to use their product. A lot of huge companies use UXPin for their work which include Microsoft, Adidas, Sony, etc.

Gravit — Free

Gravit is a powerful design platform that does not require downloading. It can be run straight through your browser. Gravit is completely free to use and it provides features and services like screen design, vector illustration, designing logos, branding, social media graphics, print media, presentations and much more. You can use Gravit on basically any device ranging from laptops, phones (Android or IOS), etc.

Sketch — $99, But With a Free Trial

Already one of the most commonly used new design apps, Sketch is made for product designers, mobile designers, icon designers and UI designers. The easy layout makes it a popular choice and the vast array of features that are allotted are fun to use. A number of companies that use sketch include Facebook, Apple, Buzzfeed, PayPal, Soundcloud, Fitbit and many more.

To conclude, there are a number of design software applications all over the internet that can help you design pretty much anything, anywhere.

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