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It’s almost here: Celebrate 2015 is the time of year when we celebrate all things startup, which includes mentor sessions, inspiring keynotes, and workshops. Though, perhaps everybody’s favorite part of the conference is our Startup of the Year Competition.

Over the course of the entire year we’ve been hosting events in awesome tech ecosystems from Philadelphia to Miami and Chicago to Little Rock. We’ve been honored and excited to meet with the local community members, investors, and innovators who keep the wheels turning in each of their own cities. With all of these events comes a list of Celebrate 2015 semifinalists that won’t stop growing until they all journey to the Las Vegas desert from October 4-6.

All of the semifinalists who compete in our Startup of the Year Competition will be exposed to dozens of investors and hundreds of other startup enthusiasts and founders. Not to mention, all of the startups will be eligible for prizes and awards from some of the best in the biz: Tech Wildcatters, 500Startups, CEA, Crowdfunder, Techstars, and American Airlines, to name a few.

Today we wanted to bring you the best and brightest of the international circuit. These companies from all over the globe are a constant reminder that innovation, expertise, and talent knows no borders. However, in order to discover who’s the best of the best, we wanted to invite you all – our online readers – to vote for your favorite by selecting among the startups in our regional online polls.

Choose wisely, my friends:

Place Your Vote Online Now for the International Startup of the Year

Please note: Only your last vote will count, and results will not be displayed immediately as the voting period will remain open through August 31 at 12 Midnight EST  and we will announce all of the winners on Tuesday, September 1! 


Brakers Early Warning Systems INC.: Short for Broadcasting to Radios Ahead Keeps Emergency Responders Safe, they are in the business of saving lives. Specifically, they attempt to prevent incidents involving motorists and any traffic anomaly via their app.

Reforges: A magnetic power adapter that accelerates the plug-in process for all devices. Essentially Reforges turns any phone charger into a high speed capable charger.

Sitata: They aim to keep travelers safe with real-time health and safety info by connecting users to a local doctor in an emergency.

Suncayr: The team is making sun safety simple with a color changing marker that alerts you when your sunscreen is no longer protecting you.


YoTeLlevo Cuba: If you need a driver with a car in Cuba, you can use this platform to contact independent drivers who live on the island and can arrange transportation for your transfer or tour.


Exhibia: An online bidding platform that was built to support only Google or Facebook verified users on deals. It was built to verify that every bid comes from a real person and not a robot.


SparkLRS: A platform to record all of your learning experiences, create your own personal space, and interact with other users’ experiences. Everything was built on the three principles of sharing, discovery, and personal knowledge.

Trackidon: A live tracking mobile solution designed to ensure the safety of students while also enriching communication between parents and education management.


Houndr: Houndr helps you discover products and brands that you need, or that match your interests, in stores near you.


SafeBeyond: A unique technology and service that has managed to “re-design” the perception of death!


SLI-CK: An electricity meter that measures and transmits the amount of energy you use you use to the SLICK app.


allekpay: A payment method that seeks to eliminate card cloning and card thefts.

m-Digital: An app that allows diners to reduce waiting times within a restaurant, enabling wait staff to focus on service and customer experience.


Hamwells: Their platform offers e-showers with circulation mode for a sustainable wellness experience.

Multisense: A multi-biometric authentication app that combines face and voice recognition with fingerprint signature, GPS, and NFC to enhance security and ease of use for our customers.


1Plify: Nigeria’s First Central University Admissions Portal, it connects Nigerian students directly to institutions of their choice around the world, allowing them apply directly to any our partner institutions.


OORT: We help manufacturers change any device into a connected one, so they can cross-sell, up-sell, and gather data about clients.

Puerto Rico

iGenApps: They disrupt the need for computers and programming skills, by empowering people and businesses to create content-driven apps using mobile devices.


Savelist:is a unified wishlist that works in any online store and lets users know when the price drops.


iStaging: They build augmented reality and virtual reality apps for both furniture and real estate.


UMRE: Or,Universal Medical Robotized Exoskeleton, the team has built a comprehensive exo-system that diagnoses, stores, and plays back data around patients who have had heart attacks or suffer from diseases like cerebral palsy.

United Kingdom

CityFALCON: They’re democratizing access to financial news and creating a level-playing field for all investors and traders with their platform.

Dhi: An Artificial Intelligence platform that learns to develop Mobile applications from you, by simply interacting via speech or text: it’s like SIRI for building mobile apps.

Elliot For Water: The team built out a search engine that allows you to save lives simply by using the engine. Every time you use it, fresh water is donated to people around the world who need it.

GamePlan Learning: Their platform maps a personalized path to different careers via online learning.

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