16 Jobs That Allow You to Be a Digital Nomad

What is a digital nomad? A digital nomad is simply someone who works remotely while traveling the world. All a digital nomad needs to do his or her job effectively, is a fast laptop, a good WiFi connection and a productive environment. If you pictured yourself working from the beach or the pool, this article is not for you. Sorry! But if you are thinking about working seriously and finding a job that's location-independent, you may find great inspiration in this list of jobs.

Having experience, enough knowledge and the right set of skills you can start your own online business, which will give you massive independence. However, before you take any risk, there are many possibilities out there to start your nomad career as a freelancer or consultant. This transitional stage will give you the know-how and confidence you need to start your entrepreneurial adventure. These are 16 good examples of jobs that will allow you to become a digital nomad.

Freelance Writer

As content marketing importance increases, professionals with copywriting skills are more demanded by companies. You can also start a blog sharing your travel adventures as you go along. Once you have a number of well-written articles on your portfolio, it is time to start your career as a freelance writer.

Graphic Designer

If your talent is in visual arts, the graphic design industry may be a wise choice. Being a graphic design freelancer is a very creative job that will give you a huge freedom to travel the world. You can check out these 6 skills you need to be an excellent graphic designer.


Are you an artist with unique illustration abilities? This type of work is highly-demanded both online and offline, so create a profile showing your skills on the main online workplace platforms (Upwork, Freelancer.com, PeopePerHour, Fiverr or Guru among others) and search for some interesting projects to work on.

Front-End or Back-End Developer

If you are good at programming and coding and you are looking to travel the world, a digital nomad lifestyle will perfectly suit you. Working remotely as a developer is now very common, all you need is to find the right projects on the freelancing platforms mentioned before.


Is your dream job in the photography industry? Then why not travel the world looking for inspiration and exploring new cultures. There are a number of specialties within photography that you could focus on: photojournalism, food photography, landscape photography, sports…the list is endless!

Online Marketing Strategist

If you already have experience in online marketing you can share your know-how with other companies as an online marketing strategist. Analyzing their existing marketing and working as a consultant to improve their communications may be a good way to start.

SEO Specialist

You could also specialize in the area of digital marketing you are best at and offer your expertise as an SEO consultant, for instance. You can either only work on the strategy or get hands on implementing the changes the website needs to improve their online visibility and rankings.

Social Media Manager

If your favorite part of online marketing is social media and you are good at it, you can help companies with their social media communications. The more social channels you specialize in, the more possibilities you will have to get social media freelancing opportunities.

UX Developer

Crafting an appropriate user experience for both websites and mobile apps is an increasingly demanded job that doesn’t require an in-house developer or a freelancer in the office. So if you are either a generalist or a specialist UX developer, you are in a great position to start your digital nomad adventure.


If you are good at languages, you may want to consider doing translations to earn some extra money. There are a number of online platforms where you can create a profile and offer translation and transcription services. If you are bilingual, this option may be perfect for you.

Online Language Tutor

If you are into languages and enjoy teaching, why not use your skills to turn into a language tutor? There are millions of people around the world willing to learn another language and very handy online platforms such as Verbalplanet that connect them with a suitable teacher.

Guitar Online Teacher

Using communication tools like Skype or Google hangouts you can teach whatever you are good at, independently from your location. Guitar lessons, for instance, have very high demand. A good way to start is by creating a YouTube channel showing off your skills and joining Take Lessons as a teacher.

Virtual Personal Assistant

Many small and medium business owners need someone to organize their agendas and daily tasks to free up their time and focus on what really matters to their business. However, not all of them can afford to hire an in-house secretary. If you are organized and have excellent admin skills, a remote personal assistant opportunity may be for you. To become a virtual PA you may want to check out Ask Sunday.

Photo Editor

This may sound a bit peculiar but there are so many companies and entrepreneurs looking for people to edit their photos and this job doesn’t always require previous experience or qualifications. It may be a good way to have your first spin in the freelancing world and make some extra money.

Restaurant Critic

Being a food critic sounds like the ultimate dream job. To take the first steps towards this fascinating career you will need to have excellent writing skills and an extremely audacious palate. If these are your strengths, work on your portfolio before applying for restaurant critic jobs.

Restaurant Marketing Strategist

In a similar direction, if you have run a restaurant before, you can help other restaurant owners to get more clients and improve their services. This includes menu creation, customer service, improving ordering systems and restaurant consultancy in general.

Another option to make this life changing decision would be to negotiate a remote work arrangement in your actual job. This is a good way to take the first step without any risk.

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