Klroy: The Anonymous App That’s Adding Social to Any Location

Some anonymous apps are based on broadcast messages and require users to connect to their Facebook accounts, but with Klroy content is driven by your location.

According to the site,“Klroy wants to become a digital collective archive of experiences, images, and thoughts that people have in and about certain places.”

Founder Ben Reddy says a few things sparked his idea for Klroy, such as people socializing and sharing their experiences on social media as well as how locations play an important role in our everyday lives.

“One of the ideas is the not only to facilitate communication through photos and message posts to locations in real time, but to create an archive where you can document your interests and activities and find out about the interests of others,” says Reddy, who lives in New York City.

So how does Klroy work?

  • Getting Started: Users take a picture or write a comment and store it on Klroy.  Users can create a Klroy for a location if one doesn’t already exist.
  • See What’s Happening: Other users can come to the same location on the app and see your pictures and others that have been taken in the same place.
  • Photographing for the Future: Users aren’t just taking photos to capture the moment, but they are also taking photos for generations to come. An excerpt on their site reads: “That’s right, say Hello to building location based mobile communities as comments and message posts are welcome to this party. The possibilities are endless.”
  •   It’s Also a Social Filter: “If you make it anonymous people will broadcast their real feelings,” says Reddy. “When the broadcast access is limited to an actual location itself, posts become even more honest in that they aren’t being sent out to their friend and family base on Facebook or to random people who happen to be within a mile of their location.”

Making a Mark on History and Creating a Position in the App Market

Reddy first tested the app in various locations such as the now defunct Motor City and Max Fish bars in New York City. While he says workplaces and college campuses are popular locations, Klroy has another interesting feature:

“A Klroy would allow you to revisit these experiences whenever you are in that location, regardless of what that location has subsequently become,” reads the site. “Klroy provides the tool to document and preserve the excitement of a specific place at a specific time, so the past is not lost the way it has been.”

Additonally, Reddy says Klroy has a unique competitive advantage for two reasons. Unlike most anonymous apps, Klroy does not use broadcast messages beyond a location or require users to sign in with Facebook.

“None are solely focused on locations and many of them rely on on your Facebook contacts so they pull your contacts from Facebook and send something out to your existing friends and family whether it’s anonymous or not,” says Reddy of other anonymous apps.

More about Klroy and CEO Ben Reddy

As of now, Klroy has about 1,000 users, but Reddy plans to focus on marketing in September. Reddy also has a history of entrepreneurship experience as the Co-Founder of Internet Cash and a previous employee of Diddy.

While Reddy feels that people share more because of anonymity, he says you can choose any username and they won’t discourage you from sharing Klroy content on other outlets.

“Klroy is really about the experience of being in a place and part of what is going on in that place, not about telling everyone where you are,” reads the site. “However, sometimes stuff is just too good not to share with friends that aren’t with you at that moment.”

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