Effective Marketing Ways For Local Businesses

Have a local business? It might be difficult to figure out whether to use online or offline marketing. Here are some tips you can try out. For product marketing or simply to promote business, you should know when to go for online marketing and when to promote it offline. When you handle typical product based local business, here are few things you can do for a better outcome on your ROI.

Local Listing – List your business in local classified ads. When people are looking for something nearby, they are going to use local search tools. If you are listed in the local classifieds with attractive content, industry keywords, and proper contact information then it will be easier for customers to find it local. Make sure you are listing business on Google Places too with the proper address & mapping location.

Geo Targeting SEO – This is the best way to get more traffic to your business website. Using regionally based keywords and long tail keywords prove effective to get ranked in search engines. Long tail keywords and especially regionally based keywords are less competitive, easy to optimize in web pages, and effective to gain search engine ranking. When you target a small region, the competition becomes smaller so that you can focus.

Social Media – Social media works best for every business. So make use of it wisely. Promoting on social media allows you to interact with your customers directly. This way, you can understand your customers’ needs, what they want, what they are looking for, and you can get real-time feedback from them. Drive campaigns of coupons, offers, signups, and booking that attract more customers to your business. Use HASHTAGS smartly to drive more sale and traffic from relevant community. Here is the best opportunity to use REGION BASED HASHTAGS so that your posts and tweets will get promoted in your exact region. Loin Google Plus’s relevant communities, and show your products through photo based platforms like Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat, or Pinterest.

Word Of Mouth – This is what we always do to tell more people about our business. So let’s spread it more by telling friends and relatives. It may take time to get noticed but it’s an effective way to get local marketing moving. Tell your customers also to refer your business service to another person and offer existing customer some discount. It will automatically grow your customer list. You can also ask people for online reviews.

Offline is Better Sometimes – The offline things which worked best for me was distributing leaflets. Do some analysis on which is the best selling local newspaper in your area and distribute leaflets or offer coupons through that newspaper. It will help you to target your local area. Make sure you are using proper content & effective call to action text ( Eg. Call Now, Book Now, Register Now, Visit Now etc) to generate more leads.

Image Credit: Jeff Sheldon

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