Mailwise Could Be Your Replacement for Mailbox

We all try to avoid dealing with email. Whether it is personal or professional, it’s always difficult to manage them and get to inbox zero.

According to a report done by Yesmail Interactive, over 50 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices since they deliver a distinctive experience due to their screen size, functionality, and the context of their use. Several mobile apps are used in order to sort easily your emails. Among the most popular email apps: Mailbox. A tremendous amount of users have come to rely on Mailbox over the past few years, and – weeks before the app's initial launch – a pre-registration period resulted in a waiting list of over 380,000 reservations. Its popularity is due to its focus in emptying the user’s inbox and in managing thoroughly every single emails.

Unfortunately for its users, Mailbox announced recently that it is shutting down. If you were addicted to it, you don’t need to panic. Like everything in life, there is an alternative. And sometimes, new alternatives are even better that what we are used to. In that particular case, your best alternative is called Mailwise. This free email app is already extremely popular because of its innovations that are omnipresent across the industry.

Mailwise and Mailbox have a shared passion: simplifying the way people work together. Mailwise pushes it further and adds even more advantages such as reducing useless time in users’ life in general (not only at work). In order to do so, Mailwise assembles all email conversations in a clear and precise manner by hiding the unnecessary information (such as signatures or disclaimers) so its users can properly focus on what matters the most: the content of the email. Mailwise understands that users shouldn’t waste their time in scrolling endless to find an old email or contact of them. In order to easily find your email, Mailwise highlights imperative emails for you, classify them by keywords and even sort them by level of importance.

These days, it is rare for people to have only one email account.  Like Mailbox, Mailwise gives users the ability to manage multiple email accounts. Indeed, usually people have at least one for personal use and another one for work. If it is sometimes hard for you (like it is for me) to stay organized and not getting confused by managing tremendous amount of emails, you should use Mailwise. Indeed, it manages all your emails for you, it gives you an access to all the conversations and regroups all email accounts.

Nowadays, it is so easy to send emails. In one click you can send (or receive) several messages simultaneously. It is really reassuring to know that you can fully count on mobile apps such as Mailbox or Mailwise to intuitively thread email messages to make conversations clearer and,  more importantly, to help you send messages or replies easily. Those email apps will eliminates the trouble of forgetting to answer and it will be your best shot to impress your boss at work by excelling in the art of organization! Even if Mailbox doesn’t exist anymore, inbox zero can be reached through Mailwise.

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