What Makes Entrepreneurs Different Than Others?

One of the main things to remember about creating a startup is that there is an enormous chance for failure. When you think about this, it’s easy to wonder why anyone in their right mind would choose this path, since it is much easier to merely work for an already established corporation and earn a respectable salary. That’s why it’s important to realize that those who choose to be entrepreneurs do not think like everyone else.

Entrepreneurs are interested in other things besides making money.

True entrepreneurs are artists who are driven by their passions. Whether the entrepreneur is a hunter who wants to build a new kind of rifle or a lawyer who has found a better way to create simple wills, this individual has a vision of creating something new that humanity needs. This person is driven to make something that will benefit all of mankind and also satisfy the creative longing expressed within their souls.

You might then ask, “Well, why doesn’t this person just find a hobby?” This is a valid question because for many people, a hobby provides an excellent expression for their artistic passion. However, for those unique individuals who have strong entrepreneurial spirit, a mere hobby is usually not enough. Only by immersing themselves completely into a project that requires their full attention can most of these individuals find true contentment and purpose.

Entrepreneurs want to make a difference.

You should also realize that those who choose to be entrepreneurs are far too passionate to merely work for others. They have highly innovative minds that require that they are contributing to something that will have a true impact on society. Working a day job is unbearable drudgery for these types of individuals who need to make a difference in the world.

When an entrepreneur notices a void in society or spots a business opportunity that has yet to be taken, then this person will do everything in their power to remedy this situation. They usually experience a moment when they first realize there is a solution to this dilemma, and this gives them the initial impetus to create a startup that will fix this problem.

Entrepreneurs are pragmatists.

When you combine the attributes of passionately creative people with the iron will of a sensible pragmatist, you will find an individual who has the core foundation of what it takes to be a great entrepreneur. Those that create startups are people who know how to get things done. They are not satisfied to simply sit around all day and take orders. They go out and make things happen.

When these types of highly motivated souls do encounter difficulties, they will employ these trials as training mechanisms so that they can teach themselves how to overcome similar problems in the future. A true entrepreneur does not make excuses; they find workarounds and solutions.

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