8 Ways Managers Can Improve Employee Motivation and Productivity

It may be the job of an employee to show up at work in the right mindset to get the job done. However, most people know that it’s sometimes hard to show up to work motivated. Sometimes life gets in the way. You’re not supposed to take personal life into work with you, but sometimes it’s just hard to avoid.

That’s where it’s the job of the manager to step in and get his/her crew motivated to work. When a team is motivated they are productive, and a productive team is a happy team. The manager’s job is to make sure work is getting done and that employees are happy on the job.

Employee satisfaction can be found when the right motivation is put into place. That motivation can come in many different ways. Here are some ways that managers can work to motivate their employees and, in turn, increase productivity.

Take an Interest in Your Employees’ Future Career with the Company

If you show your employees that you care about them, they are more likely to care about the job they are doing. An employee that sees a real future with their employer is going to put more into the job. This is also true for those looking to move forward in the company. You are their motivational speaker. That means that you need to be able to talk to them and make them feel as though they are an integral part of the business.

Be a Listener

One way to really motivate employees is to let them have a say in their job. A good boss is a good listener. Give your employees a chance to talk about their own ideas for the company. You may be surprised at the talent you have under your own roof.

Set an Example

Employees are more likely to work harder for a boss that they can see is working hard too. If you spend all your time on personal calls or snoozing at your desk, your employees will also be less productive. Lead by example.

You also set an example by starting the day on a good note. Come into the office with a smile on your face in the morning. Greet your employees so they know you are happy they are there. Happiness rubs off and before you know it your happy employees will be doing a great job.

Words Can Be Motivational or Hurtful

Conference speakers have talked about motivation and worked to motivate people for years. There are certain ways to motivate employees, and there are certain ways to talk to them that will make them work less. Use words of encouragement; point out when your employees are doing a good job; be polite when you speak to them; and don’t speak down to them. Doing the opposite will make them do less work.

Treat Them as You’d Want to Be Treated

It doesn’t matter that they are your subordinates, you are their motivational speaker, you are their boss, and you should be the person they look up to rather than glare at. Treat them as equals – as humans. Just like the saying goes: you get more bees with honey. Be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you by getting their job done.

Always Give Feedback

Feedback, both positive and negative, can be important in keeping a motivated team. When giving negative feedback just make sure that you include tips for how they can improve. This way you are potentially turning something negative into a more positive light.

Make Consequences Clear

Again, not all motivational work is positive. There should be consequences for both positive and negative work. However, it can be better to reward good work than to punish bad work.

As a manager it’s up to you to decide what type of consequences your employees face. It also depends on your field of work and on the employee. Extra hours may be a bonus to one employee and a punishment to another.

Just make sure your employees understand that when they get the job done right and on time there is a reward for that. And, when they get things done late or haphazardly they may get a pink slip, get their hours cut, or maybe just a warning to get them back into shape.

Just Be a Good Leader

If you are a good leader then it will reflect onto a good team. It’s really as simple as that. Plus, if you are a great leader some of your employees may work their way up to being great leaders someday as well. For managers that need a little more work to be a great leader, it could help to attend a conference and listen to conference speakers take about motivational topics. There are also many books out there that help bosses become great leaders.

How do you remain a great leader? Let us know in the comments below.

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