Which Marketing Techniques Should you Adopt in the Year 2015?

With the progress of marketing techniques beyond “buzzword shifts”, 2015 is sure to witness further marketing changes. There are multiple forces shaping these changes and it’s important to understand how they will manifest themselves. Here is a rundown on the top marketing changes which are going to take place in the year 2015.

Ad retargeting is definitely going to assume a bigger (read more significant shape)

Ad retargeting, in short, aims to bolster your marketing techniques by showing goods and services to people who have already availed them, at least, once before. For instance, in the recent past you might have visited a website and viewed or purchased a product from the same. You can expect that particular or a similar product (or the website) to appear in several advertisements across various websites you visit later. The browser cookies are utilized for tracking customer behavior. It seeks to explore the practicality of the claim that there are improved chances of drawing more customers if you are able to help them familiarize with your brand logo and name. Ad retargeting might not spell immediate benefits for you but are generally considered very effective for long-term marketing.

Personalize your marketing strategy

Studying buyer persona closely plays an integral part while you are devising your marketing strategies. Gone are the days when you could jolly well ride high on the “one-to-many” strategy. In order to find out the potentially lucrative subsets of your target market, you need to resort to thorough data parsing in order to secure a clearer idea of the motivation, lifestyle and personal choice of your customers. This will actually help you build up a more meaningful content strategy both during and after the buying cycles.

Social and Search: A stronger bond

The possibility of an intensified amalgamation of social and SEO cannot be ruled out. If the years gone by were all about establishing an online presence, bolstering consumer engagement and identifying brand suitability (which social media platform is geared to serve your brand better), 2015 will be all about the social signals playing a more consolidated role in organic search. Even today, it’s true that inbound links are still considered to be more important than social presence. However, since the major search engines are attaching more importance to relevant content, the number of social shares received by particular posts will have a more significant role to play in 2015.


Advertising in 2015, according to experts, will be more about human truths rather than gimmicks. Advertisers and marketers will actually have to come up with innovative solutions instead of focusing on improvised versions of the “doable”. Ad gurus are, in fact, pressing for the need to take more risks— to make room for unparalleled transformation both in terms of code and culture. In order to ensure unprecedented creative growth, you need to travel and interact out of your comfort zone. Try at least something which you have not really tried ever before. With the digital space occupying such an important position in your holistic marketing mix, you need to ensure that your digital presence is reflecting your efforts in the best possible fashion.

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