How to Maximize Online Exposure for Your Tech Startup

The sad reality is that there are literally thousands and thousands of tech startups each and every year, and because the field is so competitive, you might be eaten by the competition. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can get the competitive edge if you take the necessary steps to maximize your online exposure.

Whether you will be selling your products or services from a physical location or are an online merchant/distributor, most people find new products and brands through the almighty Google search engine. Again, good news because once you know how to optimize your tech startup to be favored by Google, you’ve almost got it made in the shade – that is if your product lives up to promises!

Introduce Yourself with Press Releases Optimized for Your Industry

Press releases are a great avenue to exposure but the key is to pick and choose where you want to publish that article. Not all press release sites are as visible to the search engines as others and some may even work against you. Find high ranking sites within your industry – those with high volumes of quality traffic. Obviously you are looking for sites of authority so take the time to research well before submitting a press release to be published. Also, as a word of advice, be aware of the fact that not all content creation teams are experts in press releases so you might need to pay a bit extra for having that copy written, but it will be well worth the cost of every penny.

Promote Your Products with Promo Codes

One aspect of promoting your startup that many new technology companies fail to recognize is in the amazing power of promo codes! Before getting on to the nitty gritty of setting up your website, it might be wise to think about just what kind of discount you can offer that will spark an interest in your audience. This is important because you will then be highlighting those discounted products on your website which needs to reflect the audience you are trying to reach. Promo codes also target a specific audience so the two will work hand in hand – an optimized website with promo codes that reflect your vision.

Not all sites that offer promo codes are bargain basements, so take example from some of the biggest department stores like Nordstrom that offer voucher/promo codes and you can learn how to discount ‘designer’ products without losing the competitive edge of quality.

Optimize Your Website for SEO and Mobile Friendly Searches

At the same time as you consider how best to utilize promo codes, you will be optimizing your website for SEO (search engine optimization) and mobile friendly searches. Keep in mind that unless your website is responsive, Google won’t list you in the mobile SERPs and that’s where the greatest number of consumers initiate a product or brand search. And also, it pays to have a professional site built for you.

As a tech startup you are expected to be among the elites, even if your products have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the internet. Any tech startup needs to dress the part.

The competition is stiff, so don’t assume that just because your product is a step ahead of the pack you will capture the audience. Follow these tips and you can expect maximum exposure in a minimum amount of time.

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