For Miami Coding Bootcamp Wyncode, It’s More Than Just Coding

Conor Cawley

When it comes to coding, a lot of schools want to inundate you with technical jargon and raw skills. They focus on developing your coding abilities to the point of exhaustion, so it becomes second nature. But in the startup world, versatility is the name of the game. If you want to learn all the business skills necessary to actual contribute to a budding startup as a coder, you need to make Wyncode your prime destination.

This Miami, FL-based coding school doesn't just want people to learn how to code. Wyncode is committed to churning out well-rounded individuals that can code and contribute to any startup that decides to hire them. For 10 weeks, students are immersed in the educational process in hopes of bolstering the already growing South Florida startup ecosystem. And that local edge is what makes Wyncode so special.

“We have a strong growing tech ecosystem, with startups and large companies like Watsco Ventures a multi-billion dollar air conditioning company hiring tech talent,” said Juha Mikkola, cofounder of Wyncode. “As an emerging tech region, everyone is particularly open and collaborative. We are all rooting for one another’s success. As the saying goes a rising tide raises all ships.”

While the Miami area is far from a tech hub, the growth in the region bodes well for a coding school so involved in the community. Wyncode relishes the chance to be part of a growing ecosystem, rather than tacking on their skill and expertise in an oversaturated market. Because then, they can make a real impact.

“Here you get the opportunity to create a wave, rather than try to join an existing one,” said Mikkola.

Something about Wyncode's business-focused model has struck a chord in the South Florida ecosystem, as they were winners of the 2016 Startup of the Year award in the area. Their community involvement, paired with their commitment to producing well-rounded coders, made the decision easy for voters and judges alike. And the folks at Wyncode were pretty excited about it too.

“It was a huge honor for us,” said Mikkola in the same interview. “Whether it’s our community events, Wyncoder created startups, helping startups scale in Florida by training the talent they need to stay here and not leave, or getting larger companies to hire using a new lens, everything has a community impact.”

As far as the future is concerned, Wyncode knows what they're doing and they intend to keep it up. They aim to make student education the most important thing by continuing to provide the market-tested curriculum that is good for business on all fronts. Because if a coding school can produce well-rounded startup employees, who's to say they won't make Miami the next tech hub?

Photo: Flickr / Andrew Eland

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