3 Networking Apps for the Reluctant and Unenthused

Is there anyone on the planet that actually likes networking? Unless you’re single and hoping to meet that special someone, I’m going to say no. 

But here’s the horrifying thing — we all need to network! It’s what gives us a foot in the door or a lead on your dream job. The right networking connection can lead to career changing events. And it only takes one connection — the right connection — to make it happen.

You can always go to networking events and have actual conversations with a live person. That’s actually encouraged, as building strong networking connections can be easier face to face. Yet, that doesn’t mean technological networking isn’t valuable or necessary. Use every available tool, including new apps, to achieve your professional goals.

Here are a few cool and easy networking apps to consider:


Covve is a business networking app that helps users find and get referrals – from the people you already know and trust. When you connect with people on Covve, you can then anonymously share address books and search your contact’s contacts for people who you want to meet. 

Covve never shares the names or contact details of contacts (this is private information). For example you may search for “Senior contact in Barclays bank” and Covve will tell you that your friend Alex knows someone fitting this profile. You can then ask your friend, Alex, for an introduction. This allows you to quickly find the best people to talk to for doing business with.



Camila Souza calls PROsimity “Tinder For Business Networking.” Users can log into the app with their LinkedIn accounts and connect with other professionals at any networking event or conference. PROsimity shows who is at the event and you can initiate a connection by swiping up. A connection is made if the other person agrees.

The app will show you who is the most relevant person for your specific business needs in any room. It takes the guesswork out of trying to find the right connections while sifting through the endless sea of small talk.



148 Apps says Namerick “might be one of the most powerful networking tools to bring to a mixer.” After meeting the 4th John at a networking event, they all start to blend together. Namerick is a great app that allows you to jot down identifying info on who you meet, including hair color, company, job, and even their spouses name. You can also record any future plans for following up, like emailing or going for coffee.

The term namerick means “a mnemonic device that utilizes imagery and alliteration to make a name more memorable.” The app automatically generates mnemonic namericks to help you remember names. The other networking apps won’t offer such a fast, simple and easy way to avoid blanking out on names at your next networking event.


You Can Still Hate Networking, But Maybe Not as Much

I’m never in a million years going to love networking. What I do love is getting connected with people who help me take my business towards my goals. I also love helping other people make valuable connections, even I don’t get anything in return. That’s how networking karma works.

Try one of these networking apps at your next event or conference. Networking is an essential piece of the business world. Maybe you’ll still dread going, but suck it up and try to make it as easy and effective as possible.

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