15 Virtual Reality Startups Changing the Game

Virtual reality has burst onto the technology scene like Steph Curry into the NBA: quickly and effectively. Big companies and budding startups alike have invested big in the new tech in ways that founders previously thought impossible. Whether it be in social networking or professional training, the uses and companies that produce them are seemingly infinite.

While companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are staking their claim on the virtual reality market, there is more than enough room for startups to make an impact. With more than enough room to innovate, the VR market is prime for small companies to change the way we look at the popular medium. Even with payoffs looking questionable, venture capital firms are banking on the VR-boom lasting for more than just a few months.

If you are wondering what names you might see in the future, be sure to check out this list of 15 virtual reality startups:

Wevr (Venice, CA) – A virtual reality community and VR media player for aspiring and professional creatives. Photo: Flickr / Takabanobaba Kurazawa

  • Prizmiq (Seattle, WA) – A startup that lets you create photo-realistic online 3D shopping experiences for brands and retailers.
  • Lucid VR (Sunnyvale, CA) – A stereoscopic camera, capturing the world the way the human eye sees it – with true depth, and 180º field of vision – combined with an online universe for sharing experiences and exploring life through immersive VR videos.
  • Sketchfab (New York, NY) – A web service to publish, share and embed interactive 3D models on web pages, and display them in real-time without a plug-in
  • Twindom (Emeryville, CA) – A mobile 3D photography system
  • Lytro (Mountain View, CA) – A light-field camera startup that markets their products to industrial and scientific applications.
  • Merge VR (San Antonio, TX) – A VR headset that uses iPhone or Android smartphones to deliver immersive virtual reality experiences
  • Teliportme (Palo Alto, CA) – A social Network for Immersive experiences.
  • IrisVR (New York, NY) – An online platform where you can share, edit, and explore CAD files in virtual reality in one click

Jaunt (Palo Alto, CA) – A leading provider of premium cinematic VR experiences. Photo: Flickr / Kylie_Jaxxon

  • Upload (San Francisco, CA) – A company dedicated to accelerating the success of the virtual reality industry through inspiring community experiences
  • AltspaceVR (Redwood, CA) – A social platform for virtual reality.
  • Dermandar (Joinie, Mont-Liban) – A leading platform in 360 imaging.
  • Surre.al (New York, NY) – An immersive game world where players engage in real-time interactive adventures of their choosing.
  • Roam and Wander (Taipei, Taiwan) – A kid’s entertainment studio focusing on virtual reality. Photo: Flickr / Sergio Vassio Photography

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Lucid VR









Roam and Wander



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