Here Are Some Tips For Building the Best Office Holiday Party

The holiday season is associated with warmth and cheer, and this is no doubt a delight to everyone. More so, it comes in an opportune time as men and women congregate to commemorate what for the most part, is termed as a new year. This is at least how the holidays are perceived by virtually every “feliz navidad,” during the December festivities. For the small business owner though, the holiday season may hold very little allure.

Interestingly enough, it is not that small business owners do not enjoy the holiday season, or are immune to the spirit. Rather, the majority of business owners cast a blind eye to the holiday season for one key reason: it’s expensive. It thus comes as no surprise that majority of these businesses will shut down for a period of time, and reopen after the festivities have died down. It is arguable that the holiday party can provide the needed distractions from work, but the fact remains, having such is expensive.

The internet comes with myriad tales about office parties gone wrong that would present a nightmare for any small business owner. This notwithstanding, if your budget allows, have your office party and do it right. As we fast approach the final two weeks of 2015, here are a few options for small office owners, on how new startups can participate in the festivities from the office:

Keep it simple, yet elegant

Christmas has become, for the most part, a commercial holiday. Small business owners may overdo it in a bid to provide their employees with the best office party. This translates to greater costs. One of the features of simplicity and elegance stems from the confectionaries availed. Try something simple, and inexpensive. Andre Champagne is one of the attractive choices that come to mind.

Throw in a few decorations around the office

As a startup owner, you want to make sure that the office resonates with the mood of the holidays: warm and friendly. On a normal day, the office is formal. The holidays present a time in the year when you can actually convert the office into a fun and festive place. To cut on costs, you can always ask some of your employees to bring in decorations, which also allows them to participate.

Do not serve too much alcohol

A startup owner should clearly have the no alcohol in the work-place rule, as one of the principles of the standard code of conduct. The office party should not be an excuse for this rule to be broken. The probability of incidents and interpersonal conflicts will tend to rise when too much alcohol is involved. You would want to package the office party in such a way that there isn’t too much alcohol being served. Remember, employees will still work together after the party.

Office partying – Less partying, more bonding

The idea of an office party presents the risk of overdoing it. At the end of the day, members of staff still need to work with each other after the party is done. Office parties out of the office have a tendency to get out of hand and may very well turn into a drunken craze, or, far worse, a nasty law suit (think inappropriate speech). Alcohol and good behaviour seldom mix, so try and avoid alcohol completely, and “the party till you drop” mantra.

Give a prolonged break if possible

This is largely a matter of preference. It has become the norm for business to be closed on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Day. However, it is always advisable to close the offices for a few more days. This will present the employees with some much needed rest, and also quality time to spend with their families. This can be a powerful tool to keep the stress levels manageable. This also lets you as the business owner take some time and enjoy the quiet and start focusing on the new year.

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