6 Best Online Resources for Digital Nomads

The digital nomad lifestyle is spreading all over the world. The list of cities chosen for this type of location-independent life is steadily increasing. While it’s complicated to quantify the number of people joining this travel-while-working lifestyle, it seems clear that more and more freelancers and entrepreneurs are going for it. And the truth is, the statistics are more than tempting.

As Jennifer Lachs explains in her guide to becoming a digital nomad, a study conducted by Upwork found that:

“59 percent of the digital nomads interviewed saw an increase in income after going nomadic versus 17 percent with no income change and 24 percent who saw a decrease.”

As the creator of Digital Nomad Girls highlights, this may be because of the extra motivation, inspiration and professional network acquired when traveling while working online. This list of online resources will help all digital nomads make the most out of their location independent careers:

Nomad List

Nomad list is probably the largest online community for digital nomads. Its founder, Pieter Levels, started Nomad List as part of his project ‘12 startups in 12 moths.’ He was aiming to help digital nomads find the best cities, taking into account what he found to be their top priorities: cost and quality of living.

As Levels explains on his blog, he asked other digital nomads on Twitter to help him complete the first draft list. And it took off! To his surprise, the list evolved into an extensive collaborative list with 50 indicators, including level of safety, coffee shop density and LGBTQ friendliness, among many other factors that he didn’t expect to have an influence on these professionals’ decision making.

Nomad List has quickly become a community of over 7,000 nomads, and it is a one-stop website to find all the information related to digital nomads, including remote job listings, coworking spaces, co-living options, remote working trips and much more!


DESK.WORKS. is a mobile app that helps remote workers find and book temporary workspaces in over 200 locations around the world. Their mission is to connect workspaces with digital nomads. And they also offer their users discounts and special event invites among other perks.

This app can be extremely useful to find the most suitable workspace once it has been decided in which city to spend the next few weeks or months.


As they describe themselves, Roam is an international network of coliving spaces. With Roam, digital nomads can find unusual places to stay with a like-minded community and very productive work environments. Everything a digital nomad needs!

They operate in Miami, Bali, Tokyo, London and soon in San Francisco. For digital nomads looking for more than a coworking space, this platform will be ideal.

Coworking Café

Coworking café helps digital nomads find the best workplaces with coffee and wi-fi, curated by the community of remote workers and their friends, all around the world. This community website has grown, and now users can also find coworking spaces, city guides and special deals for members.

Digital nomads looking for an informal place to work for a few hours, with a fast Internet connection will find the coworking café map extremely handy.

Digital Nomad Job Finder

Having an income is essential to continue living as a digital nomad. A good place to start is digitalnomad-jobfinder.com, a platform helping digital nomads find remote jobs.

The process is very simple. New users need to create a free account and then, users can start searching for jobs and bidding for the projects that best fit their needs.

Digital Nomads Forum

Digital nomadism is more that a co-living and coworking space. To connect with the community and ask and answer questions related to this lifestyle, Digital Nomads Forum is a brilliant resource. The continuously growing community of adventurous digital nomads shares plenty of useful and free information daily in this forum.

If you are thinking about becoming a digital nomad or you are one already, check out all these useful resources to be more efficient when traveling and working online, save some precious time, and make the most out of this fascinating adventure.

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