How to Optimize Your App for User Engagement

Every app that goes live on App Store faces great competition. It is literally waste of your time creating an app if your application fails to grab users’ attention. Do everything that can take you one step ahead towards app success. But how do you garner that attention, and how do you make sure that users are actually regularly interacting with your app? Check out the basic principles below.

Create a User-Centric App

Do not just focus on your business idea, delivering an app that serves the needs of users is also an important thing. Communicate with the users regarding which thing frustrates them everyday, and you’ll get a better idea on how to design your app.

If an app is flawless to interact with and formulated to focus on the user, then it’ll pay off in the end.

Create a Guideline for How to Use the App

Each action in your app must be designed with intent. Sometimes users get confused in how to deal with an app. This may be one of the reasons why users will avoid using an app on a daily basis. You can, for instance, demonstrate your app through video or screenshots.

Users initially are not aware about how to play a game or how to use an app. If they get proper information regarding the rules then they are likely to use the app more frequently.

Design Reminders for the User

It’s definitely a good idea to build push notifications in your app. But, it’s also important that whatever information gets pushed is actually relevant. Collect the information regarding a user’s interest in your app and then pass the push-notifications with a value-added message. Make sure to determine the perfect time for the push notifications – timing it right could lead to higher engagement.

Send Personalized Messages Through the App

Update users with any information that’s relevant specifically to them, per whatever kind of app that you have. Whether that’s a product of interest or discounted rates, seasonal offers, etc. If, say, you have an online reservation app, then it is good to inform the user/passenger when there’s a travel delay. Staying in touch directly with customers /app users become built into your brand recognition.

Design Smooth Navigation

Once a user has installed your app, holding them is somewhat an arduous task. They can easily switch to other options if not satisfied with your app’s features or functionality.

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