Organize Your SMS Texts With Uppidy

Ever try to search for a phone number, link, or coupon that was received by text?  Until now, it was a lengthy, and frustrating, task.  Uppidy, a Reston, VA-based startup, offers an app that organizes your texts for you.

Just install the Uppidy app on your Android or Blackberry, and all SMS text conversations are safely stored in the cloud, where they can be easily searched using a dashboard on your web browser. Texts are categorized by sender, and you can set sync intervals from 1 minute to 10 minutes.  If your smart phone has storage limitations, Uppidy is great for archiving everything.  Because of its ability to add more than one number to the account, Uppidy also can be used as an enterprise solution.

Next up: new features and an iPhone app.  On my “new feature” wish list are the ability to see my text archive on my phone, even if it is just a search box connected to the cloud. My phone’s battery life is always an issue, so I would like to set my sync for 2 or 3 times a day, which is not currently available.  And as much as I like and appreciate the cloud, I would love to select and export a few SMS messages and store them on my own. With that said, so far Uppidy has worked well.

While searching for similar services, I found Dexrex, which provides a SMS backup system for Blackberry.  However, the ability to easily search for texts with Uppidy set them apart for now.

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Shashi Bellamkonda is the Chief Marketing Officer at Surefire Social. He is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Shashi is passionate about helping startups and small business and has been recognized twice as one of the Top 100 Tech Titans by the Washingtonian and Top 100 Small Business Influencer Champion 2011 by Small Business Trends. Follow him on Twitter @shashib.
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