Praditus Helps Individuals Find Best Career Fit

Humans are naturally curious creatures. And thanks to our highly developed frontal cortex, we have self awareness and a tendency to turn that curiosity inward. We like learning about ourselves for self improvement purposes, to live happier, fuller lives, and simply out of curiosity. I mean, there’s a reason those ridiculous Buzzfeed quizzes are so popular. Luckily, there are also ways to learn more about yourself that have actual science behind them.

Praditus is a self-discovery platform that uses psychometrics to help people discover their talents, skills, and areas of development. The Praditus meta-model studies the interactions between personality traits and skills which takes them beyond just being a personality test.  They test multiple metrics including what drives individuals, what is their emotional intelligence and reaction to stressful events, and even what’s their most optimal working conditions.

Praditus’ tests measure over 50 personality dimensions. From these tests they determine where you fit within different archetypes. First they determine your individual archetype . Are you a Diplomat? Or an Overachiever? These archetypes are chosen based on your values, what needs are most important to you, and what knowledge you use in everyday life. They also determine your organizational archetype, which is the type of corporate culture or work environment that will suit you best, such as The Workshop, or The Creative Office. They define a work environment by recognizing that a company’s unique identity is defined by a mix of four fundamental pillars: Resources, Values & Norms, Know-how, and Corporate Influence.

The goal behind Praditus (derived from praeditus which means “gifted” in Latin) is to help individuals find careers that are more suited to their natural talents and abilities. The founders believe that companies do not do enough to help their employees grow in their jobs, so individuals need to be responsible for their own professional growth. Based on the results of these tests, individuals should be better equipped to make career choices that fit their skills, talents, and values, which will lead to them being happier employees and people.

Praditus is headquartered in Paris with an additional staff in New York. It was founded in 2014 by Yohan Ruso. They recently raised 1.3 million Euros in start-up funding from the venture capital fund Quadrivium-1, managed by Seventure Partners.


Image Credit: Flickr/Anders Ruff Custom Designs

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