Recruitee: A Recruiting Software to Hire the Best Talent

If you recruit and hire well, the chances of having a well-performing team will increase dramatically. One of the most exciting aspects of building a team filled is the recruiting part, where you find people to be members  – there is nothing better than finding someone who is a really talented person and wants to work with you.

There are important considerations to make sure this is the case and, if they are followed, you should end up with a highly talented team much quicker than you could build from scratch. However, most of the time, that can be hard to do especially because it’s often a time-consuming process, so it is important to have some strong and specialized tool to help on that.

Recruitee is the best software to help on this task – considered to be the best applicant system tracking around, it is rapidly becoming the industry standard for fast-growing SMEs around the world, and their clients include Vice, Usabilla and Vlisco.

But Recruitee can do more than that. It ships with an employer branding editor that helps you style and brand your site with ease and in record time, to make sure that candidates have the right experience when using it. You can also showcase the team and explain the company’s culture – all optimized for mobile and integrated with social media.

This software will also show you the best places to advertise and promote your job openings, on free and paid outlets. It offers two browser extensions, for Firefox and Chrome, that make it easy to find and import passive candidates scouted from different sources, like LinkedIn, Dribbble, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Facebook or Twitter.

Recruitee aims to offer you the best possible experience and focus on the right candidate(s), which is why it is designed to offer an overview on all candidates and hiring stages – the drag and drop interface surely helps on this.

If this software got your attention but you are not willing to pay without seeing what it can do, know that Recruitee offers a free demo for you to use and explore. Either way, this is a software that every business should pay attention to, especially those who want to boost their team with the best possible candidates.

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