Redirect is Making Domain Parking More Profitable

Whether you have one parked domain or thousands, it is better to enable these URLs to bounce to another site than to let them sit empty. After all, if you can turn these domains into a landing page or have them redirect to another website, it is possible to increase your traffic and profit margin. One of the most useful tools available today to help you reach this goal is offered by, which is affiliated with The Parking Place.

A Brief History of URL Parking and Redirecting Techniques

Most of the people who utilize the Internet to make a profit are aware of the amazing success that was achieved by entrepreneur Kevin Ham. For the uninitiated, Ham was one of the first people to take full advantage of domain parking and URL auctions, and he amassed a fortune worth approximately $300 million by 2007. Ham was also one of the pioneers behind the practice of purchasing common misspellings of popular domain names, and he was able to utilize this to bounce people to the website of his choice. Although it is now often more profitable to purchase several similar domain names with the purpose of using all of them to market a specific service or product, Ham definitely helped change the way that people think about monetizing the Internet.

What Does Redirect Do? offers a free service for webmasters who wish to increase the amount of money that each of their URLs is currently producing. In a nutshell, users park a domain with Redirect, and then they use Redirect’s tools to bounce people to another page with the intention of making a profit. You might be asking yourself how this is any different from landing pages and bounced URLs that you can set up on your own, and this is a good question. The answer is simple but ingenious: Redirect embeds geo-tracking tools into your parked domain so that every visitor is bounced to a new page that is more likely to be applicable to their lifestyle.

Do I Need to Be Involved with the Bounce Sites?

One of the best aspects of Redirect’s monetization program is that their program does all of the work for you. In other words, if you are a tech enthusiast who has secured several domain names without any particular plans for their future development, you can enable Redirect to set up a combination of advertising opportunities such as cost-per-click and cost-per-impression on each URL. Again, these ads will be based on the individual’s IP address, which will help them find something that is available in their country. You do not have to do anything to make this happen other than adding each domain name to your account.

According to Redirect, their clients experience an average portfolio boost of 400 percent after switching to their program, and they are able to work with any number of domains. With this in mind, it makes sense for tech lovers to give Redirect an opportunity to help them make money off of their parked domains.

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