Samsung Restricts Generative AI Use After Code Leak

A Samsung employee uploaded sensitive code to the generative AI platform ChatGPT, which led to the ban.

The negative impacts of generative AI could be rearing their ugly heads already, with Samsung banning AI use on platforms like ChatGPT and its many alternatives for employees.

Generative AI platforms have become the hot topic of discussion in the tech industry. For one, they represent a meaningful path to success as any tech company can see. Additionally, they’ve become a valuable tool for employees looking to improve productivity at their business.

However, the lack of regulation on these generative AI platforms has opened the door for misuse, and Samsung has restricted its use in response to an employee inputting sensitive company code.

New Policy Bans Samsung Employees from Using Generative AI

Announced in an internal memo to employees obtained by Bloomberg, Samsung has reportedly banned the use of ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms due to misuse.

The memo came in response to a security leak that stemmed from the use of ChatGPT. A Samsung employee had reportedly input sensitive company code into the platform, which poses a potential security risk for the company.

The ban is not receiving much push back at the company either, with a company survey from last month noting that 65% of employees are concerned about security risks when using generative AI platforms like ChatGPT.

Other Companies Restricting AI Use

With Samsung restricting the use of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT, the movement to get the tech established in the workplace has taken a significant hit. Still, Samsung certainly isn’t the only tech giant that has decided that this kind of technology is a bit too risky to let roam free throughout the business world.

In the tech industry, companies like Verizon and Accenture have told employees to not use the technology for everyday work. Additionally, financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase, Well Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup have banned the technology from use.

“We are imposing usage limits on ChatGPT, as we continue to evaluate safe and effective ways of using technologies like these.” – Wells Fargo spokesperson, to Bloomberg.

This technology is poised to become one of the most valuable productivity boosters in the modern world, but with few regulations, sensitive industries like finance are understandably wary about how employees are using it in the early stages.

Should Your Company Ban ChatGPT?

With all these big companies banning the use of ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms from employees use, it’s safe to wonder: Should your business ban ChatGPT?

In earnest, you’re probably fine as long as you don’t work in a highly sensitive industry like finance. Yes, the lack of regulation can be unsettling, but businesses in industries like content and retail don’t have nearly as much to worry about when it comes to sensitive company data.

All in all, the technology is in its earliest stages right now, and a healthy dose of skepticism is more than necessary. But if you and your employees need to use ChatGPt for a productivity boost, just make sure your team is following best practices to keep your company safe.

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