SenseON Adhesive Heart Monitors Are Clinically Accurate

The existence of simple heart monitors on the market has been common in recent years. They have come on smartphones, smartwatches, handheld video game systems, and even headbands. And while they have done a great job of keeping track of your heart rate for a simple workout, they are far from clinically accurate. Fortunately, one company is hoping to bring customers a heart monitor that is comparable to those you find in hospitals. Oh yeah, and it sticks to your body without any straps.

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SenseON is the product in question from CardioCycle, a company based out of Shenzhen, China that aims to create effective technologies to bring their customers a healthier and happier lifestyle with a comprehensive understanding of body wellness. SenseON provides clinical-grade cardiopulmonary function tracking for the most accurate respiratory and heart rate monitoring. And if you are as inept in medical knowledge as I am, you can be assured that all those words mean that your health data will be more comprehensive and available than ever.

“We think that SenseON is not only a sport related product, but also a health product with multiple usages,” said Ke Lin, CEO of SenseON. “Through accurate monitoring of heart rate and respiratory rate, a superior comfortable experience, and a low cost, SenseON can monitor important data like physical and mental health status and sleep quality and give feedback and suggestions to our customers, which can really help to increase fitness of our customers.”

As far as features are concerned on these heart monitors, users can expect to enjoy wireless syncing, wireless charging, customizable planning, real-time coaching, breath rate monitoring, and clinically accurate heart rate monitoring. Plus, it attaches to any part of your body so you’ll look a lot cooler when you run with your shirt off.

“Trainees can see their progress and efforts through our product, while trainers are provided with more scientific, direct date basis of the trainee’s training effect,” said Lin. “We believe that this product will be the best choice for monitoring human body data during sports since only accurate statistics can bring true value to people.”

SenseON has launched an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of raising the funds necessary to put these heart monitors on the market for athletes and health nuts alike. With more than a month left, they are already well passed the halfway mark at almost $15,000. And if you want to get in on the funding, there are still a few early bird products left for less than $80 a unit.

Photo: SenseON

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