Set Your Identity with Your Office Design

When you’re running a business, corporate identity should be at the top of your list of priorities. Potential clients will judge your company at a glance. In fact, before you’ve even had a chance to market your services they will have already made up their decision on a subconscious level. Setting the right impression from the very start is crucial if you want to succeed, so before you before looking for clients and trying to secure business, take a step back and make sure your office design is worthy of their time and money.

Keep it Casual

There’s a distinct difference between “professional” and “corporate”. In today’s digital world, where there is an abundance of young, sleek startups and innovative tech companies, the corporate approach to business is considered boring. Don’t be afraid to be yourself in and around the office and reflect your relaxed nature through décor. Most people would rather deal with other people than a corporate entity.

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Add Some Greenery

Plants and flowers will make your boring office space look brighter and calmer. The psychological benefits cannot be understated. Plants are homely and will do wonders for productivity and happiness. When you’re meeting clients in-house making them feel at ease should be your top priority, and adding a bit of greenery will definitely help.

Rent a Serviced Office

With serviced offices you won’t have to worry about a thing as the operator will essentially do all the hard work for you. It’s no secret that renting an office space requires significant overheads – furniture, printers, copiers, catering facilities, etc. – but with a serviced office all of these facilities are included in the monthly fee. According to Skyline Offices the popularity of services offices is drastically rising and in London more business owners choose to take this route over traditional leasing options because of their flexible nature.

Keep it Clean and Eco-Friendly

A clean office equals a clean mind. It’s a lot easier to concentrate when you’re working in a space that’s nice and tidy, and your clients will probably feel the same. In addition, carbon emissions should always be taken seriously – not just from a financial or ecological perspective. People often opt to conduct business with companies that take steps to minimize their carbon footprint; therefore, having recycle bins, and gentle reminders to “turn off lights” placed in plain view will show prospects that you care.

Treat Your Clients Well

Treat everybody like they are your most valued customer, no matter how much money they have in their budget. If they’re visiting for a few days consider renting a serviced apartment for them. Like serviced offices, they’ll be fully maintained and ready-to-use. Companies such as Signet Apartments will even offer solutions that are specifically tailored to your client, which will give them a more pleasant experience than a hotel for the same price.

Remember to Smile

Smiles and jokes will go a long way. Humour is one of the best tools at your disposal. Keep your workforce happy and the office will be a much more pleasant place to spend time; especially when you are faced with the challenge of convincing a client to part with their hard-earned cash.

It’s hard enough as it is to find leads, so when you manage to secure a meeting always do your utmost to get their business. Most people will make their decision straight after they step inside your building, so use these precious first minutes to showcase everything that’s good about your company.

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