SleepCogni Promises to Help You Sleep Better

To keep our mental and physical health stable we have to sleep – and we sleep a lot. But, it has been proven that approximately one in three people suffers from sleep disorders. To help to solve this health issue, the British innovator Richard Mills has introduced the innovative world’s first bedside sleep device that integrates cognitive science, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and stimulus control to prevent sleep disorders, help insomniacs fall asleep, and improve the quality of sleep. All this comes branded-with-style under SleepCogni.

What is SleepCogni?

SleepCogni looks like a lamp. It is a small portable gadget that has a USB port for charging, features RGB LED lights that emit a green-red spectrum of colors (avoiding blue light – which is one of the major causes of sleep disorders) and has speakers that play 3D sounds. The LED lights blink along with sounds played – controlled through a handheld trigger. These same controllers for the SleepCogni comes with heart rate sensors, accelerometer, temperature sensor, and grip force. The trigger and SleepCogni wirelessly sync with each another, along with a mobile app that shows and stores gathered information.

SleepCogni trigger

(via SleepCogni)

Path to Better Sleep

The handheld trigger uses its sensors to scan your environment for noises and lights, and it monitors your body temperature and heart rate. This information is scanned and analyzed. Based on that analysis, the SleepCogni will choose at what frequencies the lights will blink or sounds will be played.

The trigger stores the gathered information to start reading and understanding your unique body and psychological behavior, this means that after each passing night the SleepCogni will sync better with you, and your sleep will get better.

Availability and Pricing

SleepCogni is available to pre-order as part of a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter for the basic retail price of £99 ($150). If the crowdfunding results into a success, the manufacturers will start shipping worldwide starting by June 2016 and hopefully the backers will receive the startup gadget by September of the same year.

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