Study: Sleeping for 7 Hours and 6 Minutes Will Make You Perfectly Happy

June 20, 2017

9:20 am

At this point in the game, there’s no denying that a good night’s sleep does more for your productivity than any app or organizational system could. Despite the entrepreneurial practice of burning the midnight oil, taking a break and getting some shut has been shown time and time again to help more than anything else. And thanks to a new study, we now know exactly how many hours and minutes you need to get.

According to a survey from mattress company Amerisleep, people that get exactly seven hours and six minutes of sleep per night are the happiest. In the survey of 2,000 participants, those that received seven hours and six minutes of sleep deemed themselves perfectly happy. In contrast, those with only seven were mostly happy, and it only got worse from there.

“In every single category – happiness in relationships, gratitude for relationships, and worry – those who got the least sleep also had the worst outcomes. Less than 6.8 hours of sleep meant complete unhappiness in relationships, constant worry, and never a shred of gratitude,” wrote the authors of the study.

While the range has been a bit all over the place, seven hours has been the standard for a long time. Even the National Sleep Foundation has agreed on that. But when it comes down to minutes, this kind of data is one of a kind. Surveyors even specified that participants who get seven hours and twelves minutes were notably less happy than those with the recommended amount.

The study did go on to specify that, while seven hours and six minutes is ideal, the most important factor when it comes to sleep quality is consistency. Avoiding the occasional late night can do wonders for your productivity, your business, and your overall health.

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